Climate Central predicts SC underwater and boiling by 2050


Did you think this summer was hot in SC and it’s taking a while for autumn temperatures to give a respite from the intense heat? Then just wait until 2050!

A Climate Central projection shows that cities in Santa Catarina could become, on average, another 3°C hotter over the next few decades, with some areas completely flooded and boiling.

Santa Catarina is predicted to sink into boiling water by 2050 – Photo: Mojo AI/Disclosure/ND

The study highlights that this decade’s climate and energy choices will influence sea level rise for hundreds of years. On the interactive map you can see the increase in temperatures in Santa Catarina.

The platform’s projections also indicate that cities on the North Coast of Santa Catarina could have submerged points due to rising sea levels, the planet’s temperature is directly linked to this scenario.

SC will have an average temperature 3°C warmer

Sliding across the map, it is possible to see cities such as Tijucas, in Greater Florianópolis and a large part of the capital of Santa Catarina with flooded areas and an increasing increase in temperatures between 1°C and 2°C.

Cities on the North Coast of Santa Catarina also appear with overheated and flooded areas, especially Itajaí, Navegantes, which are at risk of flooding and may even sink.

The search provides an interactive map, where it is possible to navigate through all the countries on the Globe. With the help of filters, you can choose the desired scenario for the projection, including the future year and the context of pollution that the Planet is experiencing.

Areas in red indicate flooded areas. More than 60 surveys were used during the formulation of the study.

UFSC researcher reinforces study

Professor at UFSC (University of Santa Catarina) and researcher on the topic, Regina Rodrigues is one of the Brazilian scientists who participated in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).

The expert agrees with the Climate Central study and states that recent research “leaves no doubt” that the Earth’s warming is caused by human action. “There is an urgency for change”, says Regina, highlighting that the future needs to be rethought.

Interactive map shows cities in Santa Catarina that will be covered by water and will be boiling by 2050 – Photo: Climate Central/Reproduction

In addition to the problems for the environment, the professor points out that rising sea levels will also have an impact on the economy. This is because floods can affect the entire infrastructure of cities.

“The issue of rising sea levels being a human action is already a consensus. All research states that it is not just a typically natural movement, CO2 emissions are the main culprit. We have solid data and every year we improve this future perspective, which is very bad for the Planet. We have already overcome this, now we need to act, put the changes into practice,” he said.

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