19-year-old dies in accident during illegal racing in MS

Photo: Wesley Ortiz/Top Mídia News

Augusto Henrique Soares Pereira, 19 years old, suffered a fatal accident during an unauthorized competition on Saturday night (30) at the Autódromo Internacional de Campo Grande. He was rescued, however, he did not survive his injuries.

The incident occurred at around 6:15 pm, when Augusto lost control of a motorcycle inside the race track, resulting in a fall that ended up costing him his life. He was participating in an illegal race with other people in the area.

Witnesses reported that after the accident, Augusto was taken by third parties outside the race track, in an attempt to help him.

According to the Top Mídia News website, in a desperate effort to get help, he was placed in the back of a Fiat Strada, however, during the journey to medical assistance, a Fire Department vehicle found the vehicle, taking over the assistance and transportation of the victim.

Augusto was taken to UPA Tiradentes, but he did not survive his injuries and died.

The accident site was isolated by the Military Police, who awaited the arrival of the Civil Police forensic and investigation teams. Once at the scene, scientific expertise examined the race track, finding only blood stains and fragments of Augusto’s motorcycle, which had already been removed.

The case was registered at Depac-Cepol (Community Emergency Service Police Station), where it is being investigated.

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