Creci-PB and Cajazeiras City Hall promote environmental licensing

Creci-PB and Cajazeiras City Hall promote environmental licensing
Creci-PB and Cajazeiras City Hall promote environmental licensing

The municipality located in the hinterland of Paraíba, approximately 468 km from the state capital, has made recent advances in environmental management regarding urban development, marking a new era of progress and sustainability, the result of collaboration between the Regional Council of Brokers Imóveis da Paraíba, through regional delegate Humberto Júnior and the Municipal Environment Secretariat, led by Maria das Dores Abreu (Branquinha Abreu).

“Our objective has always been to ensure that the Environment Secretariat plays a central role in the municipality, especially regarding the approvals of subdivisions and condominiums”, highlighted Humberto Júnior. The initiative culminated in Municipal Law 3,069, enacted on December 6, 2023, which established new procedures for environmental licensing in Cajazeiras, allowing the city to assume responsibilities previously carried out by the Superintendency of Environmental Administration (Sudema), in João Pessoa, for projects of up to 10 hectares, and other activities with greater environmental impact, such as gas stations and industries, continue with the licensing processes in the capital of Paraíba.

Generation of jobs, income and opportunities

In this context, the Department was strengthened with the admission of new permanent employees, paving the way for professionals in the real estate sector, such as real estate agents, to expand their skills in the environmental area. “This not only increased employment and local income, but also reinforced the commitment of the ‘Land that taught Paraíba to read’ with sustainable development”, he highlighted.

Expansion of representation

Another pertinent point mentioned by him was the work that has also been done by Creci-PB to obtain a seat on the Municipal Environmental Council between the public and private sectors, seeking to strengthen the voice of the Organization and actively participate in debates and decisions. on environmental issues affecting the city. This initiative reflects the desire for more active and influential participation by the Council in local environmental policies.

In turn, Branquinha Abreu emphasized the robustness of the new environmental management system, based on Brazilian environmental legislation and Conama resolutions, in addition to Complementary Law No. 140 of 2011. “Our municipal legislation, now in full force, allows us to be more agile and efficient in environmental licensing, which is crucial for the sustainable development of Cajazeiras”, he explained.

The implementation of this legislation and the training of qualified municipal employees in the environmental area are decisive steps so that the municipality can autonomously manage environmental licensing demands, streamlining processes and ensuring effective environmental control. “Our objective is to further advance the decentralization of these services, promoting development that is both economic and sustainable”, he concluded.

Example to be followed

For President Ubirajara Marques, the strategic partnership reflects a commitment to improving the quality of life of citizens, environmental preservation in the municipality and promoting the municipality’s economy, in which the productive chain of the real estate market and civil construction has important role.

“Through a collaborative approach and a vision of the future, Cajazeiras positions itself as an example of how urban development and environmental management can go hand in hand, for the benefit of present and future generations.

The announcement took place during a recent card handover ceremony held by Creci-PB in the local OAB-PB auditorium to hand over registrations to new real estate agents, which was followed by the edition of a continuing education program, aimed at training and qualifying registered, which consisted of a lecture on the topic “Sales techniques on social networks and personal marketing” given by Phellip Alves, specialist in real estate marketing.

The Table of Honor was chaired by Bira, as he is better known, and was also composed of Lamarck Leitão Batista (1st vice-president), Garibaldi Porto (2nd vice-president), Carla Bezerra Cavalcanti (2nd Treasurer), Carlos Chagas (auditor) , Rui Moreira (state councilor), Humberto Júnior (head delegate), Regina Estrela (head delegate of Creci-PB in Sousa) and Alana Price (sub-coordinator of the women’s commission).

The oath on behalf of the other new real estate agents was taken by Thony Alencar Silva Sales Anízio and the portfolios were handed over to Guilherme José de Oliveira Quirino, Júlio Cesar Santos de Lira, Jose Gomes da Silva Segundo and Rafaela Maria Medeiros de Souza.

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