Reporter who had alleged leaked nude showing 26 cm is quoted for “A Fazenda”


The RedeTV reporter, Bruno Thalamo, is one of the names quoted for the elendo of “A Fazenda 14”. His name ended up being on the rise in recent days after an alleged nude of the boy circulated on the web which, according to information gathered by the Em Off channel, is 26 cm. If you’re old enough to get a driver’s license and want to check it out,

The information that he will be confined in the reality show of Record comes from journalist Fábia Oliveira, and also from the director of “The afternoon is yours“, Elis Brandão, who published on social networks the confirmation that Tálamo would be in the program.

As for the alleged nude, many comments on Twitter praised the boy’s dowry. “I’m crazy about Bruno Tálamo’s supposed nude, is it real? Our lady of the pleats, pray, pray”, said one netizen. “Guys, I just saw Bruno Tálamo’s supposed nude. If God made it, it’s because it fits”commented another. “I don’t even know this Bruno Tálamo, but hallelujah I shivered”, said another.

Reporter who had alleged leaked nude showing 26 cm is quoted for



A Fazenda is the Brazilian version of the reality show The Farm, produced by Teleimage and shown on RecordTV since May 31, 2009. Presented by Adriane Galisteu (formerly Britto Júnior/Roberto Justus/Marcos Mion), General Direction by Fernando Viudez and Directed by Program by Daniel Ariano and Ivan von Simson. The reality is shown from September to December, under the direction of Rodrigo Carelli.

The reality show shows an unknown side of the participants who will be tested in tasks typical of rural areas, isolated from the outside world and the mass media (such as newspapers, telephones, television and internet), having all the steps followed by the 24-hour cameras. a day, no privacy for three months and still prove that they are smart and strong enough to withstand the trappings of confinement. They have to deal with issues common to the artistic world, such as vanity and public opinion, as well as very personal topics, such as friendship, love, anger and homesickness. Contestants compete for the chance to win the grand prize, avoiding weekly elimination, until the last celebrity remains at the end of the season.

In Brazil, in addition to daily broadcasts on RecordTV, it is shown on pay-per-view (PPV) by the PlayPlus streaming platform, which is exclusive to subscribers. In 2012, RecordTV aired a derivative of the reality show with anonymous participants, entitled Fazenda de Verão and featured a presentation by Rodrigo Faro.

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