Globo shares opinions with VAR on Davi and Fernanda controversy

Globo shares opinions with VAR on Davi and Fernanda controversy
Globo shares opinions with VAR on Davi and Fernanda controversy
Photo: Reproduction/Globo – 03/31/2024

Globo showed VAR of controversy between Fernanda and Davi on ‘BBB 24’

Globo showed the VAR of a “BBB 24” controversy, on this Saturday’s program (30). The edition rescued the case between Fernanda and Davi at the beginning of confinement, in which she said that her brother “slapped her on the ass”. The flashback divided public opinion on social media, as it does not show the entire moment of the episode.

The flashback began with a conversation from March 27, in which the baker spoke about the controversy with the app driver. “The only thing that happened directly to me and you was the first week, you slapped my ass. I came and said: ‘What’s up brother? Did you slap my ass?’ You: ‘No, it was by accident'”, said the sister.

Davi questioned whether the incident happened in the pool, but Fernanda recalled that the situation occurred in the kitchen of the house. “It was a very strange thing […] Afterwards, the boys even said: ‘This is a case of expulsion, you had to go to the Confessionary'”. I said: ‘Man, I’m not going to the Confessionary to ruin a person’s chance, because I didn’t feel that offended”, he pointed out. .

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The Bahian continued to question whether he had given the slap and the baker confirmed it, while the brother repeated that the action was “unintentional”. After reviving the debate between the two, the edition showed the moment of the slap in question, on January 10th. However, the program did not bring images from a camera that clearly showed what happened.

The cut shows Fernanda complaining about the slap, in a video where it is possible to hear their conversation after the situation. “Davi, did you have it ready for the people? Oh, blessed,” she said, going towards her colleague to greet him. After the slap, which is not visible to the public, she complains: “Did you put your hand on my butt?” The Bahian then apologized: “Sorry, sorry, my bad.”

Some spectators defended Davi after the VAR, stating how the flashback shows him apologizing from the beginning. Other internet users complained about Globo’s decision not to show an angle of the footage that would make the slap visible.

“Another VAR clearing Davi. Fernanda out”, wrote one person on X, formerly Twitter. “The flashback only showed how bad of a character Fernanda is. The VAR of the edition showed Davi apologizing at the time and saying that it was unintentional”, wrote another.

“There are thousands of cameras and they don’t show the scene properly,” criticized one viewer. “Why didn’t VAR show anything?” asked another. “The VAR avoiding the request for Rosemary’s expulsion, again”, said another.

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