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Gabriely Miranda21 years old, recently gained prominence after starting a relationship with Endrick, 17 years old, who plays for Palmeiras. The model now faces increasing media attention and mixed opinions about her dating life. In an interview with Whothe young woman openly shared details about her relationship and revealed plans for the future with the young athlete.

“I’ve always been more reserved, I’ve never had the habit of publishing much about my private life on social media, so the exposure was initially a little scary. But I receive a lot of affection and lots of nice messages. That pays off,” said the model, who currently has almost 650,000 followers on social media.

Despite the good reception, Gabriely also commented on the negativity on the web, mainly due to the interracial relationship between the couple. “We prefer to close ourselves off from any malicious comments that appear on the internet. We choose to deal only with the good side it can provide. But it is always important to remember that racism is a crime and it is not acceptable for this to persist”, she emphasizes.

2 of 3 Gabriely Miranda — Photo: Leandro Ramos
Gabriely Miranda — Photo: Leandro Ramos

Recently, Gabriely traveled to Europe to accompany Endrick, who was playing in Brazil’s friendlies against England and Spain. In the games, the couple starred in some romantic scenes, as the striker left his mark of goals for the national team.

While following her boyfriend closely, the model responded to how she feels about seeing him grow in the sporting world: “I’m very happy, because each goal is another step towards achieving his dream. He deserves all the success in the world because he is extremely talented and dedicated.”

3 of 3 Player Endrick and Gabriely Miranda — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram
Player Endrick and Gabriely Miranda — Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Plans for the future

In the middle of the year, Endrick moves permanently to Spain, when he turns 18 and joins Real Madrid. Rumors arose on social media that the couple was planning a wedding and Gabriely would move to Europe, but the model emphasizes that she has no plans to leave Brazil.

“We haven’t worked out anything yet, we have been living in the present and one day at a time. A very special moment was seeing him score for the Brazilian team for the first time, because it was his dream come true and I was able to be there…”, she begins. “We are still analyzing it, but when there is respect and love, distance is not important”, she adds.

Focused on her career as a model, she mentions how they stay close on a daily basis: “It’s a different routine, with many hours of training and concentration, apart from traveling. It’s a lot of time focused on the profession. And my routine has also become busier due to rehearsals and college. Being able to balance both schedules is a challenge, but the reward comes with his victories and my professional growth.”

Gabriely also talks about how her boyfriend encourages her in her own modeling career: “Our support is reciprocal. Just as he supports me in my modeling career and my studies, I also support him as a player. We always talk a lot about the decisions we need to make professionally,” she says.

Career as a model

Outside the world of football, Gabriely mentions what his biggest interests are: “Everything that involves fashion and beauty interests me a lot. I like watching videos and articles with makeup tips and looks. I also love bodybuilding and I don’t give up on a good workout and taking care of my diet”, she mentions.

“I try to work on self-love and self-care to see my real beauty, without having my self-esteem shaken by comparisons and demands that end up happening. Every woman goes through this, so it is necessary to do a daily job of valuing, caring and loving yourself so as not to be affected by insecurities. I have always had a good relationship with food, I eat well and I think it is very important to follow up with qualified professionals to have a healthy eating plan”, she highlights.

At the end, Gabriely highlights what his plans are for the future of his professional career: “I have so many projects for this year! I’m being managed by Mega Model Brasil, which is the biggest modeling agency in Latin America, so I’m very excited about everything that’s to come. I also want to invest more in content for social media, showing more about fashion and lifestyle”, concludes the model.

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