Endrick and girlfriend plan wedding and worry the player’s surroundings, says newspaper

Gabriely Miranda and Endrick have been dating since the end of 2023 (Photo: Reproduction)

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• Published on 02/04/2024 – 13:55 • Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Endrick seems to be having luck in gambling and in love. According to the newspaper Extra, the striker of Palm treesjust 17 years old, plans to marry model Gabriely Miranda soon, with whom he has been together since the end of 2023.

The possibility, however, raises a warning sign around the player. Despite loving their daughter-in-law, Endrick’s parents were reportedly advised by agents to persuade their son to take it easy.

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The biggest concern is that the relationship takes the focus off “what matters”: Endrick’s performance at Real Madrid from the second half of the year onwards. It is even considered that a closer friend lives with the striker in Spain so that he can adapt faster and have full focus on football.

Asked about the possibility of moving to Madrid, Gabriely Miranda said nothing. The player, however, takes for granted that his girlfriend will go to Europe in July.

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The player and the model, who started dating at the end of last year, starred in cute scenes in the game between Brazil and Spain, last week. Gabriely was in Madrid and London closely following the striker, who scored two goals for the Seleção.

Gabriely Miranda and Endrick plan a wedding soon (Photo: Reproduction)

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