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With the initiative, the main objective of Ibef-Es is to map relevant data about the segment, in order to outline the profile of agtechs, in addition to the area of ​​activity, location and actions already carried out by these technology-based companies. The study seeks to update startup data for rural producers, researchers, agribusiness professionals, large companies and other market players interested in this vertical.

Ibef created an Innovation Committee formed in partnership with several institutions such as Universidade Vila Velha (UVV), Movimento Capixaba pela Inovação (MCI), Fucape Business School, Espírito Hub, Bússola Hub, among others.

Since then, a first contact was made with the startups to collect qualitative information. The objective is not only to map the current scenario, but also to create a strategic plan to strengthen and promote new opportunities in collaboration with public and private entities.

To date, the survey has identified 32 agribusiness startups, distributed in more than 10 municipalities, from north to south of the state. These are startups that work with a wide variety of solutions, from environmental recovery services to innovations in the use of drones in agriculture.

Paulo Wanick, vice-president of IBEF-ES, points out that this mapping will be a source of information for all those interested in understanding the scenario of technology-based startups in the sector.

“Agribusiness is an extremely relevant and wealth-generating activity, and within the perspective of IBEF-ES, which covers economics, finance and management, agribusiness plays a fundamental role. We developed a model to bring IBEF knowledge to agribusiness, which often lacks this information. The opportunity then arose to identify which startups can offer agribusiness opportunities for innovation and leverage through technology”, highlighted Wanick.

The complete survey, to be delivered at the end of the year, will provide an overview of the profile of agtechs, or agribusiness startups, highlighting their contribution to innovation in products and services and their impacts on agricultural production. Interested startups can still register and contact IBEF to participate in this mapping.

For Alessandro Coutinho, Leader of the Qualified Content Committee in Entrepreneurship and Management at Ibef-ES, this mapping is timely for agribusiness in Espírito Santo, as it highlights the innovative solutions developed for the sector. Coutinho is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Capixaba Mobilization for Innovation (MCI).

“The most interesting thing is to observe the new products and solutions being developed for Espírito Santo agribusiness, which is crucial for GDP. This mapping of startups will become a strategic resource with great potential to guide the initiatives of the Secretariat of Agriculture (Seag) and the Espírito Santo innovation ecosystem. Launched by Ibef-ES, it offers a broad view of innovative solutions for agriculture in Espírito Santo, pointing out trends in the sector and identifying urgent needs to boost sustainable progress in agriculture and livestock”, highlighted Alessandro Coutinho.

Among the 32 startups mapped, 10 were selected through a selection process to present their pitches during Agro Connect, Capixaba Agribusiness Startups Meeting, which will be held on May 2nd, at the Fucape Innovation Hub, in Vitória .

The selected startups are (in alphabetical order): AgricOnline, AZRD Agro, Cafeeiro, Certificafé, Eco55, Ffiz Gestão, MV Gestão Integrada, Smartirriga, SymbioTech and Agro Atlas Brasil.

The event will feature a presentation of the agribusiness panorama by the Secretary of Agriculture of Espírito Santo, Enio Bergoli, and the presence of the innovation hubs Bússola Hub, Espírito Hub and Hub Fucape.

“Through our Innovation Hub, we stand out as a hub for development and promotion of entrepreneurship in this strategic sector for the state. We believe in the transformative power of innovation and the potential of agribusiness in Espírito Santo. Therefore, we offer startups a favorable environment for developing their businesses, with access to infrastructure, mentoring, networking and financial resources”, explained Carlos Neris, director of Integration and Innovation at Fucape Business School.

Meet the 10 selected startups that will present their pitches during the event:

(in alphabetical order)

1 – Agric Online

Headquarters: Colatina (ES)

Solution: Edtech aimed at agribusiness. The teaching platform serves producers, technicians, agronomists and professionals in the sector, using professional courses, postgraduate courses, training and services as tools.

2 – AZRD Agro

Headquarters: Vitória (ES)

Solution: It consists of the production of organomineral fertilizers from coffee grounds, complying with environmental legislation by correctly disposing of waste generated in cafeterias and establishments that serve coffee.

3 – Coffee tree

Headquarters: Vitória (ES)

Solution: Founded in 2022, Cafeeiro is a specialty coffee subscription club with monthly and annual plans. They are the first brand in Latin America in coffee farming that helps producers to carry out their coffee production in a more sustainable and profitable way.

4 – Faith Certification

Headquarters: Alfredo Chaves

Solution: Management application that simplifies the sustainability certification process

5 – ECO55

Headquarters: Vitória

Solution: The startup developed a platform that measures the carbon footprint, corporate sustainability and climate risks of any business and any activity, so that they can take climate action and position their businesses in the low-carbon economy with innovation and value generation and competitive advantage.

6 – FFIZ Management

Headquarters: Linhares

Solution: The startup brings in an integrated way a technical management service methodology for farms, education in a digitalized way and commercialization using technology via marketplace using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The farm management and marketing platform connects profitable producers and buyers directly.

7 – MV Integrated Management

Headquarters: Castle

We are a reference in large-scale Payment for Environmental Services (PSA) management, following the global SSMA guidelines of the International Finance Corporation (IFC). The startup has a 30% market share in the largest Payment for Environmental Services program in Brazil, the Reflorestar do Espírito Santo program.

8 – Smartirriga

Headquarters: Colatina

The startup provides a monthly subscription service for irrigation management, fertigation, filter backwashing, monitoring of pumps and solenoids in the various irrigation systems (drip, micro-sprinkler, sprinkler and pivot). Smartirriga seeks to serve rural producers, in addition to irrigation companies, without excluding other users who want to use this technology.

9 – SymbioTech

Headquarters: Vila Velha

Solution: The solution consists of a biofertilizer, formed by a consortium of microorganisms, applied to the leaves, roots or seeds at the time of planting. This product increases crop productivity, improves plant quality and protects against stress, and can reduce the consumption of agrochemicals in the field by up to 50%.

10 – Agro Atlas Brasil

Headquarters: Linhares

Solution: Pioneer in the franchise model that revolutionizes the use of drones in agriculture.

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