After “oral sex” on stage, Mc Pipokinha receives the worst possible news


A name that has raised controversy in recent days was the funk singer Mc Pipokinha, who went viral after receiving “oral sex” on stage from one of her fans who accompanied the show. The images gained the internet and reverberated by dividing opinions.

But two days later, she is back in the news because of a video she posted responding to another fan who said she had fought with a teacher who criticized the funk artist.

“Don’t fight with her because of me. Poor thing, she’s already a teacher. You have to love the profession very much, why listen to other people’s children? You have to have nothing to do anyway”, said the singer, who continued to speak ill of the teachers:

“Still receiving what the teacher receives, which is almost nothing? Teacher is humiliated as hell ***. Poor thing, leave her. My dance costs R$70,000, 30 minutes on stage, I earn R$70,000. She doesn’t even earn R$5,000 to be a teacher sometimes. You have to study a lot”.

What Pipokinha didn’t imagine is that her lines would bring her the worst news in the world: cancellation of shows.

The music festival Spotted announced that it canceled the contract with the funk artist and that she will no longer be one of its attractions:

They claimed that they could not “compact and finance people who use characters to exceed the limits of common sense”.

The article is in Portuguese

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