Interstate task force aims to combat crime on the border between SC and RS


Operation Secure Borders and Currency was launched this Monday (1st), which aims to carry out actions to combat crimes and criminal organizations, as well as drug and firearms trafficking, in the state’s border regions. The focus is the Far South of Santa Catarina.

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The action takes place jointly between Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, and aims to promote technical and operational cooperation against crimes in the Southern States, in addition to maintaining public order. The operation is launched by the Public Security Secretariat of Rio Grande do Sul, through the Military Brigade and the Civil Police.

The Brazilian Army, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police, Santa Catarina Military Police, Paraná Military Police and Penal Police work together.

The ceremony that officially launched the operation took place at Parque do Balonismo, in the municipality of Torres, in Rio Grande do Sul. On the occasion, the focus was highlighted on integrating the security forces of the states in the South region to combat the highest incidence crimes, through action planning.

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Different security forces from the Southern States are involved in the operation (Photo: PMSC, Disclosure)

Among the planned actions are the permanent exchange of information and operational technical cooperation, to combat crimes, especially in border areas and regions. Likewise, it is expected that similar joint actions, which were already carried out previously, will be reactivated.

Authorities from the Military Police, Federal Highway Police, Federal Police, Civil Police, Military Environmental Police (BPMA) and other bodies from the three states were present at the launch. Police barriers were also installed on the border between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

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