Semad carries out inspections of steel companies in the Central Region of Minas Gerais


Inspectors from the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainable Development (Semad) carried out, between the 18th and 22nd of March, an operation that targeted companies in the steel industry located in the Central Region of Minas Gerais, especially in the cities of Sete Lagoas, Prudente de Morais and Matozinhos. Partial results point to the application of more than R$1.5 million in fines after flagrant irregularities.

The operation, entitled Sidus I, selected as targets enterprises with a high number of complaints and requests, taking into account the discomfort that the impacts of their activities have generated in civil society.

In total, three teams made up of technicians from the Central Metropolitan Regional Inspection Unit together with technicians from the Directorate for Combating Deforestation were divided to inspect and certify the regularity of companies and coal shipments in the region. Initially, eight operating enterprises were inspected, three of which could be fined and suspended for operating with an expired Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC).

The cases were notified to the State Environmental Foundation (Feam), which controls the TACs, for information and to take appropriate measures in each case.

“The operation was very successful. We were able to address the most sensitive and relevant environmental aspects of steelmaking activities: the origin of the coal used and the companies’ environmental controls. The inspection’s actions were repressive, insofar as the actions of those in irregularity took place, but also preventive, in terms of the guidance provided to those inspected regarding possible adjustments that could contribute to improving the environmental control of companies and environmental quality in the region”, he stated. the head of the Central Metropolitan Regional Inspection Unit, Ana Carolina Silva.

The inspection also had the support of a server from the Central Metropolitan Regional Environmental Regularization Unit (URA CM), linked to Feam. The technician has extensive experience in environmental control of potentially polluting projects.

Seized coal loads

The inspection teams carried out another 20 inspections of trucks loaded with coal in the vicinity of the companies, resulting in the seizure of seven loads of coal considered native (490 MDC – meter of coal – unit of measurement equivalent to the amount of coal that can be contained in a cubic meter), generating fines estimated at R$ 1,583,382.03.

To date, 25 Inspection Notices have been drawn up and 27 Infraction Notices have been issued for irregularities caught by inspectors.


The Government of Minas Gerais, through Semad, provides several channels for environmental complaints and counts on the support of society to monitor and report evident or suspected practices of environmental irregularities. A complaint or request for environmental inspection can be made via LigMinas (call 155 – option 7) or through this link, which provides more information on the subject.

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