Student is attacked with stones by classmate inside school in Rio

Student is attacked with stones by classmate inside school in Rio
Student is attacked with stones by classmate inside school in Rio

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On March 25, a 13-year-old teenager, Arthur Schuidtwas attacked with stones in the face inside the Technical School Support Foundation (Faetec) of Marechal Hermes, in the North Zone. The fight was recorded by other students. Second Danielle Schuidt, mother of the attacked student, the episode began during a volleyball game after lunch. The girl who attacked Arthur got hit with money and went to complain.

The video recorded by the other students shows this girl, who is Arthur’s classmate, taking a rock and hitting the boy in the face with it several times, causing him to bleed. The family says it was not the first attack and that Arthur is bullied at school.

After the confusion, the school called the boy’s parents, and the management took him to the UPA in Marechal Hermes. However, according to the mother, there was no pediatrician in the unit. Because of this, the father had to take the boy to Pasteur Hospital, in Méier. There, the teenager received stitches in his head. He still had several bruises on his face and cuts in his mouth.

Faetec sent a note informing that it clarifies that the two students involved in the incident are assisted by the unit’s Multifunctional Resources Room, which offers specialized educational assistance to students with disabilities or disorders. The unit informs that the situation was immediately forwarded to Faetec’s Social Service and the region’s Guardianship Council and is being monitored by the school’s educational guidance team.

The attacked student has now returned to class and receives educational guidance and assistance from the school’s team of special education specialists. We also inform you that guards will be relocated to reinforce security in the unit.

The note further says that, “After transferring the student to another unit, Faetec took the opportunity to enhance with those responsible the need to follow, as advised, the treatment indicated by the network’s specialists“.

All bullying complaints were investigated and those responsible were summoned, with conciliation between the parties involved. The school has been working on the topic of respect in human relations through pedagogical activities, such as holding conversation circles with students and making posters, always reinforcing respectful behavior and inclusion”completes the note.

Regarding the lack of a doctor at the Marechal Hermes UPA, the State Department of Health (SES) reported that there was a pediatrician at the unit on Monday.


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