Crater in Belvedere is closed and the avenue is released

Crater in Belvedere is closed and the avenue is released
Crater in Belvedere is closed and the avenue is released

Traffic on Avenida Presidente Eurico Dutra was reopened this Tuesday morning (2/4)

credit: Edesio FerreiraEMD.A Press

After almost a month, the crater on Avenida Presidente Eurico Dutra, in the Belvedere neighborhood, Central-South Region of Belo Horizonte, was closed and traffic was released in both directions this Tuesday (2/4).

Around 80 meters of rainwater drainage network were replaced. Soil compaction work with the application of a layer of asphalt was also carried out on the avenue.

According to Belo Horizonte City Hall, technicians worked on site throughout the weekend, except for Good Friday, to speed up the process.

On Tuesday morning, the flow was released in one lane towards the center and one lane towards the neighborhood until the machinery used in the work is removed from the avenue. BHTrans agents continue to monitor the location.


The avenue was closed at the beginning of March after a crater approximately 4.5 meters deep opened between Haiti Street and José Maria Alkimin Avenue. At the time, a car was swallowed by the hole and the Fire Department rescued the 50-year-old driver, who suffered a nose injury.

On March 14, traffic towards the center was released. However, a day later, the work was closed after an inspection by the Regional Superintendency of Labor and Employment (SRTE-MG), when irregularities were found that put workers at risk, such as the lack of insulation on the edges of the hole and shoring of the embankment. , an inclined cut made to guarantee the support of a possible landfill. Last week, the work was stopped and actions resumed on the avenue.

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