PRF concludes Operation Semana Santa in Pernambuco; five deaths and 33 people were charged with alcohol consumption


The Federal Highway Police (PRF) concluded, at midnight on Sunday (31), Operation Holy Week on the federal highways of Pernambuco. Between March 28th and 31st, 36 accidents were recorded, with 31 injuries and five deaths in the BRs that cross the state. Last year, the operation was carried out between the 6th and 9th of April and during this period 33 traffic collisions were attended to, with 41 injuries and three deaths.

Of the total deaths, three involved pedestrians being run over and two involved cyclists. In three cases, the vehicles involved were not located.

In four days, 2,027 vehicles and 2,787 people were inspected, with 1,767 fines issued for various infractions. The most common infraction was speeding, with 442 images of vehicles committing this infraction. Next, we highlight overtaking in prohibited areas (250), failure to use seat belts (60) and helmets (35), alcohol levels at the wheel (33) and lack of equipment for transporting children (24 ).

The educational actions reached 2,872 people, through educational approaches and the Road Cinema. A total of 46 aids were provided to drivers who had problems with their vehicle and 101 large animals were removed from the highways.

The fight against crime resulted in three vehicles being recovered and nine people being arrested for various crimes, such as reception, use of false documents and environmental crimes.


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