Deolane Bezerra’s sister enjoys the beach in Santa Catarina and receives showers of praise


Dayanne Bezerra, one of Deolane Bezerra, published bikini clicks in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, this Monday (1). The 35-year-old influencer received a flood of positive comments, which envied the brunette’s ‘relaxing’ moment.

In the clicks published on her Instagram profile, Dayanne appears with her back to the sea, wearing a white bikini and gold earrings. “A different second,” she wrote in the caption of the post. Fans of the Bezerra sisters – Deolane, Dayanne and Danielle – praised the content creator’s defined body in the comments. “Wonderful,” said one. “What a beautiful woman is this, Brazil?” wrote another.

Dayanne Bezerra — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Deolane recently went viral with a video in which she asked her sister, Daniele Bezerra, for R$170,000, who would be responsible for managing the family’s money. The amount requested by the influencer would be to pay for a jet to take a friend to Pará. “I’m not going to pay for this helicopter deal for Giliard, no. Mom, Deolane wants me to pay R$100,000 to send Giliard, I don’t know where”, said the lawyer.

Dayanne Bezerra — Photo: Reproduction/InstagramDayanne Bezerra — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Dayanne Bezerra — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The former A Fazenda participant corrected her sister: “R$ 170 thousand. Talita goes along. And another, they go by helicopter to the airport and from the airport they go by jet. You also have to look for an airstrip there.” Daniele emphasized: I’m not going to pay.” Deolane then said: “Yes, yes. Leave the pet.”

With the repercussion of the video, the influencer commented on the subject in a post on Instagram. “There’s Larissa Manoela’s mother and there’s Deolane’s sister.” It is worth remembering that the actress broke up professionally with her mother and revealed on Fantástico that she did not have access to her mother’s assets.

Comment by Deolane Bezerra — Photo: Reproduction/InstagramComment by Deolane Bezerra — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Comment by Deolane Bezerra — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Deolane Bezerra with her sister, Daniele — Photo: Reproduction/InstagramDeolane Bezerra with her sister, Daniele — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram
Deolane Bezerra with her sister, Daniele — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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