Real estate market grows in RN; Buying property requires planning

Real estate market grows in RN; Buying property requires planning
Real estate market grows in RN; Buying property requires planning

Buy your own immobile It is one of the main dreams of Brazilians. According to the Radar Searchcarried out by Febraban, purchasing your own home is a priority for 31% of the population. Furthermore, 90% of Brazilians have the goal of buying a property in the medium and long term, according to a survey carried out by Datafolha.

At the large northern riverthis Brazilian interest translates into warming of the real estate market. In the state, the sector is expected to generate R$3 billion in investments by 2026, according to the Municipal Department of Environment and Urbanism (Semurb).

In Brazil, real estate financing is the most used means of acquiring property – but, despite the advantages of financing, a lot of planning, knowledge and financial organization is necessary so that the dream of owning a home does not end up turning into a headache.

Firstly, the consumer needs to have an amount saved for the down payment on the property”warns Erli Bandeira, business consultant at Central Sicredi Nordeste. “In Brazil, on average, a maximum of 80% of the property’s value is financed – therefore, we recommend a reserve of at least 20% of the purchase price”, says the expert.

Buying property requires organization and planning

La Playa Condominium, Ponta Negra – Natal/RN (Photo: Rafael Nicácio / Portal N10)

According to Erli Bandeira, it is important to allocate the reserve for entry into low-risk financial products with good liquidity, which are easy to use. “This way, the resources will be readily available when you close the deal.”, he comments.

Furthermore, compare interest rates and payment terms To find the best conditions between different financial institutions is a good way to go. Finally, the buyer must also prepare for additional expenses, such as notary and registration costs (which are quite heavy), among others.

At Sicredi, a cooperative financial institution, members benefit from specialized support in order to find profitable deals that fit their financial reality and meet their expectations. The institution offers joint real estate financing options for up to four people.

As it is a type of financial transaction that requires a high investment, we always recommend that our members evaluate their possibilities and their moment in life. We offer specialized consultancy so that, together, we can make the best decision”, explains Erli Bandeira.

Furthermore, there is the possibility of financing up to 90% of the value of the residential property, with a term of up to 35 years and decreasing installments according to the amortization system.

For those who have active real estate financing in another financial institution, it is possible to bring the financing to Sicredi through Real Estate Credit Portability. In this way, the member can count on the benefits offered by the cooperative, such as special interest and payment conditions and the option of using the FGTS balance for construction or amortization of the property.

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