“Respect for our listeners is fundamental”, says Jacy Pretto, who has been working in radio for 42 years


Jacy Pretto during an interview with the program Troca de Ideias (Photo: Rogerinho Schmidt)

This Monday, April 1st, Rádio Independente celebrates 73 years of activities, and a special program was held on Rua Júlio de Castilhos, in the center of Lajeado. One of the programs broadcast live in front of Joalheria Lenz was Troca de Ideias, which featured the participation of commentator Jacy Pretto.

Pretto’s relationship with radio came about through sport, as his first activities were as a football player. Having lived behind the scenes of an athlete’s life, including moments of concentration and difficulties, he considers that each experience prepared him to work in communication. “This all really helped me get to know the world where I am working today.”

After suffering a knee injury at the age of 26, he lost his training fitness and decided to play only amateurly. With a refereeing course on his CV and also knowledge of indoor football, Pretto started working as a refereeing analyst at Rádio Independente around 1978, the time when he had his first contact with the microphone. Since then, he has also continued his activities in other areas, producing reports and interviews on various topics. “I was involved, because I was the only guy the radio had, I didn’t need to write down the mileage or who was going to drive the car”, jokes Pretto.

“Reporter is an Armadillo”

With 42 years of work in radio, Jacy Pretto now comments on football matches broadcast by Rádio Independente, and states that in-person coverage of the games favors the reporting. “The trip already gives you a dynamic agenda to be able to work as a team”, he assesses. According to him, the reporter’s job is to “dig” in search of topics. “If he’s not an armadillo, he’s not a reporter. If he doesn’t dig he’s out”. Still during Troca de Ideias, Pretto reported that one of the biggest lessons he learned from the group’s former CEO, Lauro Mathias Müller, is that information must be given to listeners, always valuing credibility.

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