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by Patrícia Fernandes *


Santa Catarina, a mixed, multicultural state, built by immigrants who made the land a legacy for the next generations, a pride for the people of Santa Catarina and those who chose to belong and prosper on the land. And I fit in here in this part. Born in Rio Grande do Sul, I consider myself a daughter of the world, as I have lived on several continents, always with one purpose: the development of companies and the promotion of destiny.

A storehouse of good news, Santa Catarina is a reference for Brazil. And I’m not the one to say that, but the data is there to corroborate and support all projects. The State’s diversified economy grew more than the Brazilian average last year. Data from 2023 from IBGE, including all segments, show that the pace of the Santa Catarina economy was greater and ended last year with growth in Gross Domestic Product above that recorded in the country.

And it is this scenario that has been attracting not only businesspeople, but also investors and professionals looking to advance their careers. According to a recent survey released by real estate startup Loft, in partnership with Offerwise, one in three Brazilians would like to live in another state, and Santa Catarina is at the top of the list, with the cities of Balneário Camboriú and Florianópolis being the main choices.

Quality of life, safety, education and profitability are items that enhance this desire and contribute to the promotion of global destiny. And this is extremely important, not just in our segment at FG, but for the entire business class. It’s a success equation. A recent case, for example, presented and awarded in the market, endorsed by ESPM, ensured this rhetoric when FG won the Top One in Marketing with the commercial action that is entirely based on the predicates of the city of Balneário Camboriú.

This consolidation also generates a different perspective on our State. Here, we have an environment conducive to the development of markets, also supported by other great entrepreneurs, such as the Koerich family, with retail, which last week celebrated its entry into the select list of billion-dollar companies, and whose slogan is completely appropriate to this article, good people, our people.

In the industry, we continue to set good examples. In management and entrepreneurial culture, we have large companies in Jaraguá do Sul or Joinville, such as Duas Rodas, Whirlpool/Consul, Tupi, Tigre, among many others that make us proud. In the Valley, the century-old Altenburg, leader in Latin America in the manufacture of 1.5 million pillows per month, and the Port of Itajaí, the second largest in the country in exports: in volume and in values. In Balneário Camboriú, our FG, leader in the segment and also when it comes to know-how and multiplying technology, design and innovation without limits. We could continue here citing countless other business giants, just as its people are giants. Regardless of the climatic effects, which sometimes plague us, the statistical effects of high growth only ennoble us and increasingly fill us with pride.

We are big, we are strong and, still, above average… great people from Santa Catarina, very proud to contribute to the growth of Santa Catarina with words and actions.

*Patricia Fernandes – Business Administrator with an emphasis on IT, Master in International Administration, university professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses, more than 30 years of experience in marketing and sales as a consultant and executive in national and international companies, with emphasis on the Sonae Groups (Portugal ), Pmweb – Oracle Group, Starwood Hotéis and Gramado Parks (Brazil). Currently heading the Marketing Management of the company FG Brazil Holding present in the Civil Construction, Hospitality, Tourism, Commerce and Services segments. She is currently coastal regional vice president ADVB/SC


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