Cold front between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina causes weather instability

Cold front between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina causes weather instability
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Cold front between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina causes weather instability

Risk of heavy rain continues until Thursday

This Tuesday, the 23rd, the process of formation and action of a cold front between Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina causes rain and isolated storms in Santa Catarina, according to meteorological information from the State Secretariat for Civil Protection and Defense and the Epagri/Ciram.

The preferred regions for rain are the Greater West and areas bordering the state of Rio Grande do Sul, but storms and isolated showers in other regions cannot be ruled out. The risk is low to moderate for events associated with storms and intense rain, such as occasional flooding.

It dawned with temperatures between 11°C and 14°C in the highlands and Midwest and between 16°C and 19°C in other regions. In the Greater West and Southern Plateau, the greater cloud cover causes maximum temperatures to be between 20°C and 24°C. On the coast, north of the state and Vale do Itajaí, maximum temperatures vary between 27°C and 30°C.

“Rain is already occurring this Tuesday morning in the West, associated with some lightning and throughout the day this instability reaches other areas of the state with less chance for the coast. We will also have a cold front approaching Santa Catarina from this Tuesday and this condition should make the weather unstable this Wednesday, the 24th”, informed Epagri meteorologist, Gilsânia Cruz.

“A more localized storm in the early hours of the morning is not ruled out and on Wednesday night the weather begins to improve and the rain conditions decrease. Thursday will continue with unstable weather with milder temperatures”, he added.


This Wednesday, the cold front continues to influence weather conditions in Santa Catarina, favoring the occurrence of rain showers accompanied by thunderstorms and isolated thunderstorms in all regions throughout the day. The risk is low to moderate for weather events.

Winds from the south on the coast, with weak to moderate intensity, and from the west/southwest in the interior of the state, with weak intensity. At dawn, temperatures vary from 14°C to 17°C between the plateaus and the Midwest and from 18 to 22°C in other regions.

Maximum temperatures are around 20°C in the Southern Plateau and 24°C in the Grande Oeste due to the greater presence of clouds. Between the Lower and Middle Valley of Itajaí and the North Coast, the predominance of sunshine means that the maximum temperatures are around 30°C. In other regions, maximum temperatures vary between 26°C and 28°C.


A new cold front and disturbances associated with a low pressure system in Argentina keep the weather unstable in Santa Catarina on Thursday, 25th. There are conditions for rain showers and isolated thunderstorms in all regions, especially in the Greater West.

The risk remains low for meteorological events. Minimum temperatures are around 13°C in the Southern Plateau and vary between 16°C and 18°C ​​in other regions. Maximum temperatures range between 20°C and 22°C from the plateaus to the coast and range from 25°C to 28°C in the Great West.

The sea is rough on the South Coast and Greater Florianópolis due to the persistence of winds from the south quadrant close to the coast, with waves heading south with heights between 2.0 and 2.5 meters.


On Friday, the 26th, the intensification of the flow of hot air from the north of the country should favor the predominance of sun between clouds in the state, but the occurrence of isolated thunderstorms in the south of Santa Catarina cannot be ruled out. With the instability concentrated in Rio Grande do Sul, the weather is expected to remain firm in Santa Catarina on Saturday, 27th.

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