‘Troncais’ and ‘Integradas’ bus lines will once again have 3-digit numbers

‘Troncais’ and ‘Integradas’ bus lines will once again have 3-digit numbers
‘Troncais’ and ‘Integradas’ bus lines will once again have 3-digit numbers

Photo: Daniel Martins/Diário do Rio

A Municipal Department of Transporta body linked to the Rio City Hallannounced that bus lines “Troncais” It is “Integrated” in the city they will change names and return to the use of three digits. The initiative aims to simplify the use of the transport mode by users, who will have an easier time identifying bus lines.

According to the City Hall, vehicles will travel with the new and old nomenclature, so that passengers can adapt to the changes. According to the new identification model, for example, “Troncal 1” will become line 100, and “Integrada 3” will become line 548.

The lines had been modified in 2015, also to reorganize public transport, aiming to reduce the number of buses circulating on similar routes. The changes at the time generated a lot of confusion among users, which led to the Municipal Transport Department being fined R$50,000 due to a lack of clarity in announcing the changes. This is the case with line 136, which was replaced by Troncal 6. Poor signage at bus stops made the situation even worse.

At the time, the Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) questioned not only the need for such changes, but also the lack of consultation with the population. The positions did not deter SMTR from its change project, which caused inconvenience to users, even causing many passengers to adjust their routes, generating more costs for them.

The Municipal Transport Department has not yet announced when the “Integrated” and “Troncal” nomenclatures will come into existence.

Check the changes


100 (Former Troncal 1): General Osório – Central (via Aterro do Flamengo)

104 (Old Troncal 4): São Conrado – Bus Station (via Catete)

105 (Old Troncal 5): Alto Gávea – Central (via Praia do Flamengo)

108 (Former Troncal 6): Jardim de Alah – Bus Station (via Santa Bárbara Tunnel)

117 (Old Troncal 7): Central – Cosme Velho (via Santa Bárbara Tunnel)

109 (Old Troncal 9): São Conrado – Santo Cristo (via Santa Bárbara Tunnel)


548 (Former Integrated 3): Botafogo Metro – Alvorada Terminal (via Américas/Jardim Botânico)

552 (Former Integrated 2): Terminal Alvorada – Rio Sul (via Avenida Lúcio Costa/Vidigal)

553 (Former Integrated 8): Recreio dos Bandeirantes – Rio Sul (via Avenida das Américas/Rocinha)

554 (Former Integrated 9): Piabas – Rio Sul (via Benvindo de Novaes/Av. das Américas/Vidigal)

558 (Former Integrated 6): City of God – Copacabana

Information: CBN


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