PC-AM releases image of man wanted for attacking and strangling companion in Armando Mendes neighborhood


Photograph: Disclosure/PC-AM

The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM), through the Central-South Specialized Police Station for Crimes against Women (DECCM), publishes the image of Handerson Lamartins da Gama Soares, 33, for attacking and strangling his partner, 35, in on February 18th of this year, on a public road in the Armando Mendes neighborhood, East zone.

According to delegate Débora Mafra, head of the central-south DECCM, Handerson was identified based on images that circulated on social media at the time, and generated a great repercussion. In the video it is possible to see the woman on a sidewalk, when the author attacks her by punching her in the face and strangling her, leaving her alone in the place.

“If the public recognizes this individual or knows his whereabouts, please report it to our police teams so we can capture him. The identity of the informant will be preserved,” said the delegate.


PC-AM asks anyone who has information about the location of Handerson Lamartins da Gama Soares to contact 181, from the State Secretariat of Public Security (SSP-AM).

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