Alexandre de Moraes validates more than 100 agreements between those accused of the 8/1 acts


Photo: Nelson Jr./SCO/STF

The Minister of the STF, Alexandre de Moraes, confirmed the validity of 21 agreements between the PGR and individuals involved in the events of January 8th. In total, 102 people accused of minor offenses benefited.

According to the STF, the agreements were made only with those present in the barracks and without evidence of involvement in the invasions of government buildings.

The ANPP, a pact between the MP and the person being investigated, requires confession of crimes and compliance with legal and agreed conditions. After judicial validation and full compliance, the punishment is discarded.

The ANPP was proposed for those accused of inciting crimes and forming criminal associations, minor offenses.

These individuals, camped near the barracks, have no evidence against them of participation in attempted coups d’état, obstruction of powers or damage to public property.

In addition to admitting to the crimes, the defendants pledged to perform community service, avoid similar crimes, not face other criminal charges, and pay fines.

They are prohibited from using open social networks until all conditions of the agreement are met.

They must also attend a course on Democracy, Rule of Law and Coups d’Etat.

With the approval of the terms, the precautionary restrictions imposed by Moraes were annulled.

Supervision of compliance with the conditions will be the responsibility of the Criminal Execution Court at the place of residence of the defendants.

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