Alexandre Pato does not plan on returning to football until the middle of the year

Alexandre Pato does not plan on returning to football until the middle of the year
Alexandre Pato does not plan on returning to football until the middle of the year

Sidelined since the end of last season, Alexandre Pato signaled his future in football. During the Roland-Garros Junior Series event, the striker told reporters that he received offers from clubs, but preferred to decline, because he is now focused on his family.

“I’m dedicated to my family at the moment and, therefore, I don’t see any reason to join a club now. I don’t have anything more important than my family, so I’m letting time pass. I’ve already heard some proposals and, if it’s God’s will, and in the middle of the year, if a cool club comes up, I’ll join”, said Pato.

Pato wore the São Paulo shirt in 2023, with a productivity contract. The striker ended the season after playing in 10 matches and scoring two goals. São Paulo then decided not to renew the contract.

In January of this year, Pato celebrated the birth of his son Benjamin, the result of his marriage to Rebeca Abravanel.

“My son is two months old, so I’m enjoying this wonderful moment, which is something I won’t forget. Football is fleeting, so this moment for me, for my family, is the most important,” says Pato.

Pato is not playing football, but he remains close to the sport. Now, the athlete is having fun with his new passion: tennis. The practice intensified during the pandemic and showed the player a life beyond football.

“I love tennis and since I started playing, I didn’t wish I had gone back to playing football, because I really fell in love with it. I got to know another side of footballer’s life, and it was cool. I left home when I was 11 and I live football until this Tuesday (2), but in the middle of this period of my career, I understood that there was another life outside, because I was always focused on football”, said Pato.

“Sometimes the player gets focused and forgets that he has a life outside, because you live a lot in the media, you live a lot in this more closed world of football. And then, when I found tennis, I said: ‘man, this is so good'”, he added.

Today, Pato participated in a fun challenge that marked the beginning of the Roland-Garros Junior Series, a tournament that gives place to the main draw of the Roland Garros youth tournament. He played with Fernando Meligeni and received advice from Juan Martín Del Potro. (Folhapress)

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