New PAC: Amazonas will receive 26 ambulances and two Samu Regulation Centers

New PAC: Amazonas will receive 26 ambulances and two Samu Regulation Centers
New PAC: Amazonas will receive 26 ambulances and two Samu Regulation Centers
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Across Brazil, 12.2 million people will benefit from 537 new ambulances and 14 centers

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Manaus (AM) — The municipalities of Iranduba, Manacapuru, Rio Preto da Eva and Manaus will benefit from 12 new ambulances from Samu 192 with resources from the new Growth Acceleration Program (New PAC), Health axis. Two equipped Emergency Regulation Centers will also be built with another 14 ambulances, one in Parintins and another in Tefé.

Across Brazil, the two health facilities, together, will benefit 12.2 million people with the donation of 537 new ambulances and the construction of 14 new centers. Together, the two actions will increase the national coverage of the mobile emergency care service from 87% to 93% of the population.

Only in the Samu 192 modality, the Novo PAC Saúde will donate 350 new ambulances to 14 states, in all Brazilian regions. As a result, 5.8 million people will now receive coverage for the emergency call response service related to health situations, accidents and other events that require immediate medical assistance. The total investment is R$119 million. And the unit value is R$324 thousand for Basic Support Units (USB) and R$470 thousand for Advanced Support Units (USA), popularly known as mobile ICU. 12 ambulances will be donated to Amazonas, 5 for basic support and 7 for advanced support.

In relation to the construction of Emergency Regulation Centers equipped with ambulances, 14 municipalities from 8 states will be covered. These Centers have the function of coordinating and regulating Samu’s mobile units in the region where they are located. The total investment is R$112.8 million, with the unit value per Center being R$3 million and the average value per ambulance being R$378 thousand. In Amazonas, two centers will be built equipped with a further 14 ambulances, 10 for basic support and 4 for advanced support.

For the selection of proposals by states and municipalities, the priority criteria were: lower percentage of Samu 192 coverage in the Health Macroregion and high response time in the region covered by the Regulation Center.

The selection criteria for construction proposals for Centers took into account the Health Macroregions without SAMU 192 coverage and the lowest percentage of SAMU 192 coverage in the Health Region.

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