Those approved in the Sefaz competition report overwork of servers and demand appointment

Sefaz headquarters in Boa Vista. Photo: Secom RR.

Those approved in the Roraima State Finance Secretariat (Sefaz) competition for the position of State Tax Technician contacted Roraima 1 to complain and have been waiting for more than a year to be appointed to the position.

According to the complaint, the 66 successful candidates were called to the training course with the promise of appointment immediately after the course, which has not happened since then.

“There was, and today even more so, a high and urgent need to rebuild the workforce in this career. Since then, obtaining approval, something simple, for the competition has not been easy”, reported one of the complainants.

The candidates also warn about the concern of Sefaz employees, who told them that there will no longer be a way to schedule a shift, especially for the Jundiá post, due to a lack of staff, which could compromise the state’s financial health.

“Soon there will be no way to set up a scale for Jundiá with the staff that exists today. Several stations in the capital and interior closed. Commissioners carrying out the duties of trainee civil servants”, he adds.

According to these civil servants, there are several commissioners carrying out the duties of career civil servants.

The report tried to contact Sefaz to comment on the complaint, but there was no response until the article was closed.

The article is in Portuguese


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