Mechanic accused of shooting dead barber in workshop in Sampaio | Rio de Janeiro

Mechanic accused of shooting dead barber in workshop in Sampaio | Rio de Janeiro
Mechanic accused of shooting dead barber in workshop in Sampaio | Rio de Janeiro
Thiago Farias da Costa was shot dead in October 2023 in front of a workshopreproduction

Published 04/01/2024 15:29 | Updated 04/01/2024 15:59

Rio – The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) charged mechanic Victor Emmanuel Braga Silva with the murder of barber Thiago Farias da Costa, aged 37, in October 2023, in a workshop in Sampaio, North Zone. The agency also requested the preventive detention of the accused.

The complaint was made by the 2nd Specialized Criminal Investigation Public Prosecutor’s Office, last Wednesday (27), at the II Jury Court of the Capital. Victor had already been indicted by the Capital Homicide Police Station (DHC), which requested his temporary arrest from the MPRJ.

Thiago da Costa was shot dead after an argument with the mechanic in front of Victor’s workshop on Rua Paim Pamplona on October 28, 2023. The victim was rescued and taken to the Municipal Hospital Salgado Filho, in Méier, also in North Zone, but he did not survive his injuries.

A video which THE DAY had access shows the accused, in a black shirt, being restrained by other people while he was arguing with Thiago, in a pink shirt. Soon after, the criminal approaches the victim and shoots him several times.

In one of the statements collected by DHC, a friend of Thiago, who was with him at the time of the crime, said that the barber was shot after an argument over the time taken to repair his car. Thiago’s vehicle would have stayed in Victor’s workshop for four months and, shortly after it was released, the car had a problem again, having to be pushed back to the establishment.

The autopsy forensic examination report clarified that death resulted from internal bleeding due to wounds to the chest and abdomen, caused by a firearm projectile. Five projectile wounds were identified on the barber’s body.

Thiago was buried at the Jardim da Saudade Cemetery, in Sulacap, in the West Zone of Rio, two days after his death.

Asked if it had already decided on the MPRJ’s request, the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro (TJRJ) said that the process still appears in the police investigation phase, even with the Civil Police informing that it has concluded the investigation and with the complaint filed. Public ministry.

Court denied first request for arrest

On November 6, 2023, DHC requested the temporary arrest of Victor Emmanuel after hearing testimony from witnesses, the victim’s family and the suspect’s father. The mechanic was summoned to testify at the time, but was not located.

According to DHC, the facts discovered so far indicated the need for Victor’s temporary arrest and that his detention would help to preserve the witnesses who collaborated with the investigation.

One day after the request, prosecutor Alexandre Themístocles, from MPRJ, agreed with the request and said that restricting the freedom of the person being investigated is an essential measure for the progress of the process. However, the prosecutor highlighted that there were still some elements to be presented, such as the suspect’s hearing, the addition of the autopsy expert report and the medical care report and the seizure of the weapon used in the crime.

The request was sent to the Court and the investigation returned to DHC so that the requests could be fulfilled within 20 days, as well as the conclusive report on the case.

On November 8, 2023, judge Daniel Werneck Cotta, from the 2nd Criminal Court of Rio, denied the arrest request against Victor, justifying that the allegations made by the Civil Police and the MPRJ did not serve, at the time, to decree the arrest. . According to the magistrate, there was no information that the witnesses were targets of intimidation nor which pending element in the investigation would recommend the arrest of the suspect.


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