TJRJ opens space to serve homeless people | Rio de Janeiro

TJRJ opens space to serve homeless people | Rio de Janeiro
TJRJ opens space to serve homeless people | Rio de Janeiro
Service room is located in Central do BrasilReproduction / TJRJ

Published 01/04/2024 13:45

Rio – The Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro (TJRJ) opens, this Tuesday (2), a space dedicated to judicial assistance and issuance of documents for homeless people, in the City Center. Between 11 am and 5 pm federal, state and municipal services will be offered at the Integrated Assistance Center for Homeless People.

According to TJRJ, the objective of this structure is to solve part of the numerous difficulties faced by the homeless population so that these people can carry out their social reintegration in an autonomous and sustainable way.

“This project rescues people’s hope, dignity and citizenship, ensuring that the fundamental rights provided for in the Federal Constitution are actually fulfilled”, states the president of the TJRJ, judge Ricardo Cardozo.

The structure will be open from Monday to Friday, from 11am to 5pm, at Rua Senador Pompeu, s/nº, in Central do Brasil. Check the list of bodies present at the service center:

Court of Justice of Rio, Federal Regional Court (TRF) of the 2nd Region, Regional Labor Court (TRT) of the 1st Region, Ministry of Labor, Public Ministry of Labor, Regional Electoral Court (TRE), Government of the State of Rio de Janeiro , Rio City Hall, State Public Ministry, Federal Public Ministry, Federal Public Defender’s Office, State Public Defender’s Office, Detran, INSS, Federal Revenue, Eastern Military Command (Junta Militar), Association of Natural Persons Registrars (Arpen), OAB and Fundação Leão XIII.

This Monday (1st) the president of the TJRJ, judge Ricardo Rodrigues Cardozo, will sign the document to allow the operation of the Integrated Service Center for Homeless People.

The Technical Cooperation Agreement for the installation of the Interinstitutional Committee for Attention to Homeless People in the State of Rio will be signed in a ceremony scheduled for 5 pm, at the Court. Authorities involved in the technical cooperation process for the operation of the unit will be present.


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