Rapporteur says Congress should analyze presidential vetoes on LDO on April 11 – News

Rapporteur says Congress should analyze presidential vetoes on LDO on April 11 – News
Rapporteur says Congress should analyze presidential vetoes on LDO on April 11 – News

Strong is the rapporteur of LDO 2024
Renato Araújo/Chamber of Deputies

The rapporteur of the 2024 Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) project, federal deputy Danilo Forte (União-CE), stated this Monday (1st) that he will talk to members of the government on the 8th to close the edges and the National Congress must analyze presidential vetoes in relation to budget projects on April 11.

“The deadline for convening Congress is being defended for next week, around April 11, where vetoes in relation to the budget law will be analyzed. The government made a proposed schedule that is still within the compliance deadline “, stated Forte after a meeting at Palácio do Planalto.

Forte highlighted a new meeting with members of the Institutional Relations Secretariat next Monday (8). “The government will present in relation to the resource limit, with an idea of ​​supplementing the annual budget law with regard to the R$ 5.6 billion that remained outstanding between the budget proposal approved in the National Congress at the end of last year and the vetoes made to this year’s LOA. We hope that at the next meeting on the 8th we will conclude this text and we will have a vote on the vetoes at the meeting on the 11th”, he added.

One of the points of agreement between the government and parliamentarians is the inclusion of investments in school uniforms, school transport, school meals, in the Fundeb resources (Fund for the Maintenance and Development of Basic Education and for the Valorization of Education Professionals). According to Forte, there are states that apply these values, while others do not use the measure. “So the law comes exactly to provide legal conditions for everyone to apply these resources to basic education. It is a precious topic for the National Congress.”


Recently, the LDO rapporteur stated that the government is in “common agreement” regarding the overturning of “almost half” of the 35 presidential vetoes. The LDO directs the LOA (Annual Budget Law), which is the Union Budget. The Union Budget for 2024 had been approved by the National Congress on December 22, 2023 and foresees revenues and expenses of R$5.5 trillion.

In addition to vetoing the section that addressed the schedule of amendments, the president also removed from the project the article that required payment for amendments within 30 days after the proposals were released and also the part about payments in other areas that had to be made by June 30, 2024.

There are also four more issues agreed with Congress, and vetoed by the government, that have a chance of falling: the policy for caring for children with disabilities, the policy for combating violence against women, the allocation of 30% of Minha Casa , Minha Vida for small towns and the preservation of rural insurance.

To reject a presidential veto it is necessary to reach an absolute majority of votes in Congress. This means the support of at least 257 deputies and 41 senators.

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