Semas promotes environmental education for different audiences in March


Waste reuse workshops took place in the Metropolitan Region of Belém and in the interior of Pará, reaching women and men

By Igor Nascimento (SEMAS)

04/01/2024 09:36

The State Secretariat for the Environment of Pará (Semas) held 10 waste reuse workshops throughout the month of March, providing environmental education to 167 people throughout the state of Pará. The actions are carried out through the Deputy Secretariat for Management and Environmental Regularity (SAGRA), through the Environmental Education Coordination (CEAM).

At Usina da Paz da Cabanagem, there were 49 participants in the soap production workshop through the reuse of cooking oil, and 17 in the ecobag making workshop. In Canaã dos Carajás and Parauapebas, 18 people participated. All of these are part of the TerPaz program, which in total had 84 participants join in March 2024.

In direct actions with municipalities, the total number of participants was 83 people. The eco-jewelry and soap production workshops had 10 participants in Abaetetuba and 11 in Belém, respectively. In Ananindeua, there were 13 participants in the composting workshop. In Benevides and Ourém, northeast of Pará, there were 20 participants in the soap workshop and 29 people in the waste reuse workshop, in order.

Ceam coordinator, Andreia Monteiro, highlights the significant number of women present in the workshops. She reported that most people seek new knowledge about reusing liquid and solid waste. Semas takes advantage of these moments and promotes environmental education for the various actors in society.

53ebb6eecd.jpg“We observed that more than 80% of the public served are women. Waste reuse workshops are the instrument for the public participating in this activity to realize the importance of changing their attitudes towards what is discarded and what is thrown away in our daily lives. Reusing waste gives us the opportunity to put SDG recommendations into practice, such as sustainable consumption and the construction of sustainable cities and communities, and the possibility of generating income with these activities is one of the points highlighted by the participants”, explained Andreia Monteiro.

The head of Semas, Mauro O’ de Almeida, explains that the courses and workshops carried out by the Secretariat are part of a list of actions aimed at raising awareness among the population of Pará about the need for recycling and reusing waste.

1c2c53260e.jpg“Semas promotes various environmental education activities and carries out actions that encourage the recycling and reuse of waste, in line with the 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among these actions is the installation of public recycling points, in partnership with the Alachaster Institute, where waste is received at points installed in the Porto Futuro Urban Park, in the Utinga State Park and in the Usinas da Paz da Cabanagem and Icuí-Guajará, all in the Metropolitan Region of Belém. Furthermore, we promote environmental education courses and workshops, which train the community of Belém and other municipalities in Pará”, informs the secretary.

Text by Lucas Quirino / Ascom Semas

The article is in Portuguese


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