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Margarida Ferreira | Photo: Iasmim Santos/Acorda Cidade

A resident of the Matinha district, in Feira de Santana, sought the production of Acorda Cidade this Monday morning (1st) to make an appeal for her health. For more than three years, Margarida Ferreira, 57, has suffered from severe back pain, which has affected her daily life. Since then, it has been a saga of trying to discover and treat the disease. So far, from the doctors she has managed to see, she has not been diagnosed with the disease.

“I’ve already had an ultrasound, x-ray, physiotherapy, they put me at Uefs to do the seniors’ program and I can’t do it because I’m stuck. That night was horrible because there was a lot of pain everywhere and you couldn’t sleep. This is affecting my psychological, emotional, lack of hunger. These days I had diarrhea, I feel stabbing pains in my spine, coming to the shoulder area. My legs feel heavy and I feel like it’s serious,” she reported.

Dona Margarida has not been under medical supervision and whenever she can no longer bear the pain, she seeks emergency care. In one of these consultations, she was advised to see a neurosurgeon to better understand the situation.

“He said it was for the neurologist to assess whether he would need surgical intervention.”

Margarida has a case of spine cancer in her family. Approximately nine years ago, she lost a sister to the disease. This further alerted doctors to seek health screening.

Margarida FerreiraMargarida Ferreira
Photo: Iasmim Santos/Acorda Cidade

Another problem that Margarida has been dealing with for over 15 years is alopecia. Significant hair loss has also affected your emotions and self-esteem.

“Nodules appeared, I lost all my hair and a biopsy was done which said it was not malignant, but that I needed to have scalp surgery to remove the follicles that were growing inside. So, there is an area that has no hair at all. I ended up being depressed for a long time, I needed monitoring, medication. But I don’t want to be dependent on prescription medication, I need to control my life. I know there are people with good hearts, God will use a doctor to evaluate me, because no one can bear living in pain.”

Retired due to disability eight years ago, Margarida has spent a lot on medication that doctors have requested to ease her pain. She made an appeal for people to help, either by donating any amount or by contacting a neurosurgeon who can assist you.

Margarida FerreiraMargarida Ferreira
Photo: Iasmim Santos/Acorda Cidade

Donate yarn, donate love

Furthermore, Margarida dreams of having a wig to improve her self-esteem and, consequently, her quality of life to live well with her children and grandchildren. She is accepting donations of wigs that make her everyday life easier, whether to go to the doctor or anywhere, she wants to feel good, considering herself as the beautiful woman she is.

“Every woman wants to have her hair done, she wants to have self-esteem. Now, imagine, when you go to wash your hair, you get to the sink, you get to the bathroom, you look in the mirror. No one wants to be in someone else’s shoes. And never think like that, my pain is the same as yours. Because it isn’t. Where it hurts, it’s different,” she highlighted.

Despite the difficulties she has faced, she does not lose faith and hope that there is still a solution to treat the illness she is experiencing. In God, Margarida puts her trust so that people can help her get out of this situation of pain and anguish.

“I continue with my heart as God asks, focused on loving. And always saying that God is good, that God is wonderful. And I reinforce my words, that God still left many people with good hearts. And I believe that I will be able to achieve what I need, take care of my back, take care of my health so I can play a little with my grandchildren, see my grandson grow up, so I can do something at home. I don’t want to be an invalid person, it’s horrible because you will suffer, it will be hard work for your child, because your child also has his own life. And when they grow up, they need to live.”

Anyone who wants to contribute can donate using the Pix key (75) 99968-7359.

With information from journalist Iasmim Santos from Acorda Cidade

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