The 7 best cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin halving month, according to experts

The 7 best cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin halving month, according to experts
The 7 best cryptocurrencies for Bitcoin halving month, according to experts

April is one of the most important months for Bitcoin (BTC) because of the halving, a rare update that cuts cryptocurrency issuance in half, and which has historically boosted its price. Because of the event, which takes place every four years, digital currency continues to be the favorite of analysis houses, but other assets also gain space in portfolios.

Of the eight companies in the sector consulted by the InfoMoney, seven suggested keeping BTC in this month’s portfolio, compared to just four recommendations last month. In total, 20 tokens were mentioned, but only those with more than two votes made the list.

See 7 cryptocurrencies most recommended by experts for the month of April:

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Cryptocurrency Number of recommendations Monthly return (March) Return (accumulated over 12 months)
Bitcoin (BTC) 7 17% 144%
Stacks (STX) 5 4% 93%
Ethereum (ETH) two 22% 301%
Pendle (PENDLE) two 61% 1,315%
Solana (SOL) two 46% 820%
Ronin (RON) two 40% 291%
Render (RNDR) two 31% 655%
Sources: QR Capital, Coinext, Mercado Bitcoin, Foxbit, Empiricus Research, Hurst Capital, Fund Research and Nord Research.
Performance: Data from CoinMarketcap/Cutoff date: April 1, 1:30 p.m.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Theodoro Fleury, manager and investment director at QR Asset Management, said that the long-awaited halving It has been favorable for the price of BTC in all cycles to date, so it is worth having the asset in your portfolio. Furthermore, he said, Bitcoin represents more than half of all crypto market capitalization, and in a way takes away the liquidity of other crypto assets in moments of great appreciation. “We believe it is the safest bet in digital assets for the coming months.”

Stacks (STX)

This month’s surprise is STX, a cryptocurrency from a trading platform. smart contracts (smart contracts) designed to expand the functionality of Bitcoin. The asset received five nominations from consulting companies. “Smart contracts are a trend that has had a lot of interest in the crypto world, and could gain more strength with the institutional adoption of BTC”, said Valter Rebelo, head of digital assets at Empiricus Research.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum gained just two appointments this month, compared to seven in March. The crypto, however, still deserves to be in the portfolio because of the success of the Dencun update, completed last month, said Francis Wagnerm, head of cryptocurrencies at Hurst capital. “The change was a significant milestone for the Ethereum network, as it has already brought tangible results, with drastic reductions in fee values ​​on second-layer networks, something that has always been an Achilles heel of the project.”

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Pendle (PENDLE)

Pendle is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol integrated with real-world assets (RWA) that offers yields in the form of tokens that can be traded on exchanges without central control, called DEX. “BlackRock’s recent announcement launching a tokenized fund has generated a huge boost for tokenized assets. Pendle can take advantage of this narrative,” said Fleury, from QR.

Solana (SOL)

One of Ethereum’s main competitors, Solana has seen high demand, has a strong community and good technology, according to Rony Szuster, research analyst at Mercado Bitcoin (MB). “The network has experienced abrupt growth since last year, with several hypes in airdrops (free distribution of tokens) and memecoins on the network, which meant that, in a few weeks, the currency had a very high trading volume, even surpassing Ethereum”, he said.

Ronin (RON)

Both MB and Empiricus also recommended Ronin, a blockchain focused on games that pay players tokens (play-to-earn). “The project has some interesting games, such as Apeiron and Pixels, which have more and more users. Apeiron even recently had its token launched, which is why it is in the hypewhich benefits the project,” said Szuster.

Render (RNDR)

Render is a cryptocurrency seen as the “decentralized Nvidia”. “In 2023, the project saw an impressive increase of 350%, driven by the growing demand for rendering services due to the growth of games, high-resolution videos and the creation of metaverses, which require a lot of computing power. This significant appreciation indicates a strong potential for growth this month”, wrote the team of analysts at the Coinext exchange in a report.

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