Do you love photography? Instax is on offer for a limited time

Do you love photography? Instax is on offer for a limited time
Do you love photography? Instax is on offer for a limited time
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Instax Mini 12 Camera

For those of you who like to record beautiful moments with family and friends, our curation this Monday brings some offers on Instax cameras, with different colors to reveal incredible experiences instantly. Some offers reach 21% off, check it out:

Known for its practicality, the model Instax Mini 12 is compact and easy to use, ideal for capturing instant moments. The mint green color gives a touch of unique style, perfect for those looking for something different. With a 13% discount, it is available for R$460.

Instax Mini 12 gloss pink

With its “Gloss Pink” hue, this Mini 12 camera brings a splash of vibrant color and a glossy finish. It’s the perfect choice for those who want to record moments in a fun and stylish way. With R$100.00 OFF, it costs R$429.

Instax Mini 12 candy blue

With its “candy blue” color, this Mini 12 model adds a touch of fun and sweetness to your records. With a 15% discount, it is available for R$449.90.

Instam Mini 12 Camera Ivory White

With its “ivory white” color, it has a classic and elegant look, ready to accompany your adventures with charm. With a 21% discount, it is available for R$413.00.

Instax Mini 12 camera kit with pack of 10 photos

This is a complete set for instant photography lovers. Includes the Instax Mini 12 camera, perfect for capturing unique moments, as well as a pack of 10 photos with a Macaron design, bringing a touch of color and fun. And to carry everything with style, there is a lilac bag that is a real sweet treat. With a 20% discount, it costs R$529.91.

Fujifilm Instax Mini – film with 40 photos

And for you to reveal your moments, there’s another offer on a camera film pack Instax Mini. With 40 exposures, it’s great for those who love taking photos without worrying about running out of film. Your photos will have white borders, giving them a classic style – but they will be colorful, capturing moments vividly. With a 16% discount, it costs R$139.90.

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