Israel disputes UN report on famine in Gaza

Israel disputes UN report on famine in Gaza
Israel disputes UN report on famine in Gaza

A statement from the Israeli Ministry of Defense states that between 150 and 200 trucks with humanitarian aid enter the Gaza Strip daily, most of them with food. This Monday, April 1st, the number reached 234 trucks.

This flow would be 80% greater than the number of trucks that entered Palestinian territory before the October 7 attacks.

“Every day, there are numerous reports in the Palestinian media in Rafah, the central Gaza Strip, the former refugee camps and the northern Gaza Strip of markets full of food of all types,” the report says.

A report on the Ynet website this Sunday, 31st, states that food prices have fallen in the Gaza Strip in recent days, which would be a consequence of the increase in food supply.

According to Israel, the work of two water desalination plants and a water pipeline would be providing 20 liters of water per inhabitant of the territory.

The Israeli ministry’s report states that the number of trucks entering the territory is so large that local organizations are unable to handle the arrival of so many boxes.

There would be hundreds of trucks awaiting guidance from UN officials, after having crossed the opening of Kerem Shalom, already inside the Gaza Strip.

An image posted on social media shows stacks of boxes and parked trucks (below).

ReproductionHumanitarian aid awaits destination inside the Gaza Strip

“Once again, the contents of 400 trucks are waiting to be collected and distributed on the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom crossing following Israeli inspection. Aid agencies do not have the logistical capacity to carry out their work. They must reinforce their logistical capacity and admit their failures”, says the text.

The statement from the Ministry of Defense was published in response to a UN report, according to which 20% of the population of the Gaza Strip was suffering from a lack of food, with one in three children being malnourished.

The UN document also said that two in every 10,000 people would be dying daily from malnutrition or disease.

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