Globo uses Almir Sater to do comedy and sees Renascer’s audience rise like a kite

Globo uses Almir Sater to do comedy and sees Renascer’s audience rise like a kite
Globo uses Almir Sater to do comedy and sees Renascer’s audience rise like a kite

Stuck in the audience, “Renascer” saw its Ibope rise like a kite after the arrival of Almir Sater in the plot. The remake signed by Bruno Luperi was unable to maintain the good numbers of its predecessor “Terra e Paixão” and has had average ratings since it debuted in prime time on Globo, but it broke an audience record precisely in the week in which the guitarist made history.

Is it a coincidence or did viewers really like the Lebanese peddler Rachid, played by Almir Sater in the nine o’clock soap opera?

According to consolidated data from Ibope, “Renascer” scored 26.6 (27) weekly average points in Greater São Paulo in the series of episodes that presented the character of the singer from Mato Grosso do Sul (from March 18 to 23) , this being the best weekly index since its debut.

Furthermore, it was the first time that the plot reached 26 points since its second week on air.

And the public seems to have really enjoyed seeing Almir Sater acting since, in the following week, from March 25th to 30th, the serial held on to a portion of the good ratings and scored its best weekly average (25.4) since February 24th – this without taking into account the previous week’s record.

The numbers refer to households in Greater São Paulo, the main parameter for the market in relation to performance and the biggest thermometer for advertisers. Each point is equivalent to 73,279 households.

Another relevant fact is the fact that Rachid’s catchphrase, “We not Turkish, we Lebanese”repeated by Almir in all the character’s scenes, has already been “pasted” on social media – further proof of the figure’s success among the public.

Almir Sater has a humorous role in Renascer

Seeing Almir Sater in a completely different and funny way every day has been a delight for viewers of the remake of “Renascer”, a nine o’clock soap opera on TV Globo. As much as they love the guitarist as the Lebanese peddler Rachid in the plot, the audience also criticizes the look that the production gave the singer.

The peddler’s guy is funny and follows the line of humor. Yes, Globo hired Almir Sater to do comedy in prime time and he agreed to “play” with the character. The entire composition, of course, is reflected in the characterization, which proved shocking to the public and distanced, for the first time, the guitarist from everything he had done before on television.

While some consider Rachid’s type to be more “charming”, others claim that the network’s production achieved the impossible: making Almir Sater look ugly. But does he agree with that? Well, maybe yes.

In a statement about his new work in soap operas, Sater reveals that he hardly recognizes himself and says he is scared by Rachid’s appearance.

“It’s a fun character and very different from anything I’ve ever done. I see myself in the mirror and I get scared (laughs). It’s almost unrecognizable. But it’s great to be able to dedicate yourself to being an actor, without vanities”, declares the singer.

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