BBB 24: 8 interesting facts about the walled Pitel


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BBB entered “turbo mode” and, this Sunday (31/03), the 16th wall of the reality show. This time, Pitel received more votes for the house and competes, alongside Alane and Beatriz, to stay on the program. To defend permanence, the sister remembered his journey.

“At this point in the championship, you already know me, you know my mistakes and my successes. I hope my successes are standing out. Living this here is crazy and a joy, a joy that I want to continue living. So, I really count on all of you who identify with me and who like me to vote hard for me to stay here,” she said.

Next, check out 8 interesting facts about Pitel that will help you decide whether or not she should stay in the game!

1. Grew up in a humble family

Born and raised in Maceió, Giovanna Pitel is the second daughter of seven siblings and grew up in a very humble family. The only reason she didn’t go hungry as a child was thanks to sururu, a type of mussel protected by shells, which her mother sold for R$1.50.

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“I had a very poor childhood. Mainha collected sururu and took some away so we could eat. And then it was a lot of fun at coffee, at lunch, at dinner and be thankful, be happy! The only thing we had to eat was what sustained us,” he told Gshow.

2. He started working at age 13

Currently 24 years old, Pitel has an extensive professional journey. To help with household expenses, the sister He started working at the age of 13 and, since then, he hasn’t stopped. He has worked in a family home, restaurant, shopping mall, supermarket and even a gym, but what he really fell in love with was Social Services, which he recently graduated from and started working in the field.

3. Bought and lost a car

To Gshow, participant revealed that, when he worked in a supermarket, he managed to obtain his license to drive a car. Afterwards, he left his job and decided to use the compensation to buy a car, however, he was unable to pay and lost the vehicle due to search and seizure.

4. Dream of having a 15th birthday party

A sister He dreams of having a 15th birthday party and, inside the most watched house in Brazil, he said that this would be the theme of his leader’s party. However, even though she was the 15th leader of the program, she was unable to fulfill her dream due to the BBB “turbo mode”.

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5. You went through your hair transition 4 years ago

The hair of sister was one of his physical characteristics which caught the public’s attention, especially for the satin cap, which she can’t live without in the house. But the curls only appeared about 4 years ago, when Pitel decided to go through the hair transition process. Before, she wore her hair straight, long and with bangs.

6. Live in an open relationship

The participant is in a relationship with Wesley, whom she met at school 10 years ago. The two live together, but decided to have an open relationship in the name of experiences they haven’t had yet. “We saw that we met very young and that life is a range of opportunities, so we decided to open up,” Pitel told Gshow.

7. Has a tattoo of an ex-best friend

Altogether, the sister is 17 tattoos. The first – a Mickey on her ankle – was made when she was just 14 years old, with a best friend at the time. A year later, the two fought and never became friends again.

8. You intend to use the BBB award to help the family

If you win the BBB 24 prize, estimated to be the biggest in the history of realityThe sister he intends to use it to help his family and change his life. Money will also be the answer, not only to your problems, but also to public favoritism. “BBB is my only opportunity to have millions in my account and know if they like me or not,” he told Gshow.

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