Globo kicks the bucket and changes the final of the protagonists of Elas por Elas


The new version of They for Them took completely different directions to the original version, written by Cassiano Gabus Mendes in 1982. The authors Thereza Falcão and Alessandro Marson opted for a free reinterpretation, significantly modifying the original plot.

Isabel Teixeira in Elas por Elas

This will become evident at the end of the story. Apparently, only Taís (Késia) will have the same ending as the original soap opera.

Lara (Deborah Secco), Adriana (Thalita Carauta), Helena (Isabel Teixeira), Renée (Maria Clara Spinelli), Carol (Karine Teles) and Natália (Mariana Santos) will have new outcomes.

What will happen at the end of Elas por Elas?

In the first version of Elas por Elas, Taís was called Wanda and was played by Sandra Bréa. During the plot, Carlos (Herson Capri), Natália’s brother, approaches her to try to find out if it was she who killed her brother, but ends up truly falling in love.

So, in the end, Wanda and Carlos finish the soap opera together. The same will happen with Taís, who also got involved with Pedro (Alexandre Borges), Natália’s brother, and ended up falling in love.

After comings and goings, Taís and Pedro should end up together and happy at the end of the new version of Elas por Elas. The rich man even assumes the model’s son with Átila (Sergio Guizé) – this is the only difference with the original plot, as Wanda did not get pregnant by her lover in the first version.

Who ends up with who at the end of Elas por Elas?

Wagner (César Mello) and Renée (Maria Clara Spinelli) in Elas por Elas (publicity/Globo)

However, the other couples formed in Elas por Elas will be completely different to what was seen in the first version. Lara and Mário Fofoca (Lázaro Ramos) must get married at the end, unlike what happened in 1982. Originally, Lara was called Márcia (Eva Wilma) and was in love with the detective (Luis Gustavo), but they do not end the soap opera together.

Renée’s ending will also be different from what happened to Carmen (Maria Helena Dias), as the character was called in 1982. In the first version, she became a widow and ended the soap opera in the arms of her brother-in-law, Renê (Reginaldo Faria). In the second version, Wagner (César Mello) must not die and the couple will have a happy ending.

Helena’s ending also changes. In 1982, Helena’s (Aracy Balabanian) husband’s name was Jayme (Carlos Zara) and they never separated, as censorship prevented his romance with Adriana (Esther Góes), as he was married. Currently, Adriana and Jonas (Mateus Solano) have been together for a long time and should end the soap opera united and happy.

In fact, Helena from the first version not only stayed with Jayme, but also made peace with Adriana. This should not happen in the remake, as Helena has become a great villain who must pay for her crimes in jail.

Do Natália and Carol stay together in Elas por Elas?

Another big difference in relation to the two versions of Elas por Elas is the outcome of Carol and Natália. This time, they will form a lesbian couple. Natália has always been in love with her friend and, in the final stretch of the soap opera, the scientist will respond to her feelings.

In the first version, both find new loves. Natália (Joana Fomm) ends the soap opera alongside her therapist, Décio (Marco Nanini). Marlene (Mila Moreira) – as Carol was originally called –, after spending the entire soap opera trying to win over Carlos, starts a new romance.

She meets Juca, a man with whom, at first, she has a tumultuous relationship. But, at the end of the soap opera, Marlene and he get things right and end up together and happy.

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