Former player is in serious condition after being run over in Greater SP

Former player is in serious condition after being run over in Greater SP
Former player is in serious condition after being run over in Greater SP

São Paulo – Former professional football player Caíque Andrade, 28, was run over after an argument in a fast food chain located in the city of Arujá, metropolitan region of São Paulo, in the early hours of last Sunday (31/3).

The victim is admitted in serious condition to a hospital in the city of Mogi das Cruzes, also in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, after suffering a fractured skull and a perforated lung due to the impact of being run over. The owner of the vehicle was contacted by investigations and the suspect has already been identified by authorities at the Arujá Police Station.

According to security camera footage, a group of four boys quickly argues with a man inside a gray car. After the conflict, the vehicle turns around and hits Caíque, who is thrown by the impact of the action. One of the men present at the scene told the TV Bandeirantes who found the victim with breathing difficulties.

Caíque’s mother, Cristina Rosa, confirmed to the program Brazil Urgent that the victim’s condition is serious: “He [Caíque] He is in an induced coma, with head trauma and lung perforations,” said the woman.

She said that Caíque was accompanied by his girlfriend at the start of the fight, which began due to a failure to greet him. The mother also stated that the man who was run over was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the conflict.

The case will be registered as a quadruple attempted murder by direct intent, as the “vehicle was used as a weapon”, said Jaime Pimentel, Arujá Police chief.

The driver fled the scene of the crime, but has already been identified by authorities. The suspect has a police record for embezzlement and, according to witnesses, is an old acquaintance of Caíque.

The argument between the two reportedly began in a nearby snack bar. The victim and his group of friends had just left a nearby pagoda.

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