Neymar Pai sees his son’s return to Santos as inevitable, but asks fans to calm down


Neymar Pai accompanied Neymar Filho in the classic (Credit: Guilherme Greghi/Santos FC)

Neymar Pai believes that his son’s return to Santos it will happen ‘at some point’, but he asked fans to be cautious about the dream. In an interview with Santos Futebol Rádio, he reinforced Neymar Jr’s affection for his training club and reinforces care when the player returns after injury.

The idol of Peixe took the cup at the ceremonial entrance and accompanied Santos’ victory over Palm trees 1-0, in Vila Belmiro, in the first final of the Campeonato Paulista, this Sunday (31).

“Not just a rapprochement. Everyone knows the love we have for Santos Futebol Clube. That’s where it started, my son’s career began. It was nice to see you. Being back in this scenario makes us remember a lot,” he said.

“The dream is important, but I think we will have to be calm. Keep a time limit. His career was still mainly in Arabia. This will happen eventually, but you have to stay calm and keep your feet on the ground. First think about his recovery, it has to be very good and excellent to return to a high level”, he added.

The Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) player is recovering from an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in his left knee suffered during the Brazilian national team in October.

“We cannot skip steps. Complex injury. He needs to be biologically completely cured. We cannot anticipate prematurely. Waiting for time, we think August or September is the ideal date to return,” he said.

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