Court grants protective measures to Lula’s son’s ex-wife

Court grants protective measures to Lula’s son’s ex-wife
Court grants protective measures to Lula’s son’s ex-wife

The São Paulo Court of Justice (TJ-SP) ordered the granting of protective measures to doctor Natália Schincariol, who accuses her ex-husband, Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva (photo), Lula’s youngest son, of domestic violence.

She filed a police report this Tuesday, April 2, according to the The globe.

Luís Cláudio must leave the apartment where he lived with Natália and keep his distance from his ex-partner, with whom he had a relationship for two and a half years.

The doctor claims to have been a victim of attacks since January. Lula’s son denies the accusations.

Natália said in the police report that she was physically attacked with an elbow to the stomach at the end of January. She also reported violence “verbal, psychological and moral” what “have intensified over time”.

The consequences of the attacks would include being away from work for a month “due to trauma” and hospitalization for “anxiety attacks”.

She further stated that it was “manipulated and threatened not to report the attacks, under the allegation that the attacker is the son of the president and that he has the influence to escape the accusations”.

According to the police report, Natália attributed the following statement to Luís Cláudio: “No one will believe you, I have power and you have nothing”.

Lula’s son’s defense denies the accusations and described the doctor’s statements as “untrue” It is “falling within the types of crimes of slander, insult and defamation, in addition to being liable for moral damages”.

Where does a man who hits a woman belong, Lula?

In August 2022, in the middle of the election campaign, the then PT presidential candidate, Lula, mocked domestic violence when commenting on the Maria da Penha Law at an event in the center of São Paulo.

“Do you want to hit a woman? Go hit somewhere else, but not in your home or in Brazil because we can no longer accept that.”said the PT member at the time.

Lula touched on the topic again in March 2023, already in the Presidency of the Republic, during an official agenda in Mato Grosso.

“It is not possible that violence against women has increased. A man’s hand was made to work, or it was made to caress, it was not made to hit a woman. What scoundrel is this, who has the courage to raise his hand to hit his wife?”he said at the time.

The Lulist left has always argued that the reports of women allegedly victims of domestic violence should be believed. And now?

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