Ex-BBB Fernanda meets autistic son again: ‘I missed you’


The baker is also the mother of Laura, 6 years old, and left the reality show last Sunday

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2 Apr
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Marcelo and Fernanda

Photo: @Instagram

The ex-BBB Fernanda Bande, 32 years old, was emotional in the early hours of this Tuesday, 2nd, when he was reunited with his son, Marcelo, 11 years old. She is also mother to 6-year-old Laura.

“The long-awaited moment of the reunion between Fernanda and Marcelo has arrived and there are no words that can describe it, only overflowing emotions. Every day away from him was a battle, a fight against uncertainty and longing. But now, in this moment, everything was worth it shame,” wrote the team Fernanda Bande on your profile Instagram.

Marcelo is a child who was diagnosed within the autism spectrum. During his participation in the BBB24the confectioner even commented on difficulties in offering him adequate treatment amid financial problems.

“Even if he can’t express it in words, his eyes tell stories of love and longing. And she, in this embrace, guarantees that this moment is a new beginning and that through all the visibility gained, she can provide her little one with opportunities, achievements and the treatment he always dreamed of so that he can flourish and develop. It’s just the beginning of a new story, it’s already worked!”, says another excerpt from the post.

In the video, Fernanda appears talking to the boy. At first, she opens her arms and calls her son to give him affection. Then they exchange a few words.

“Did you miss me? Who am I?”, Fernanda asks Marcelo. “Fernanda,” he says. “Am I what you are?”, she still questions. “Mommy,” she responds. “I missed you so much. I missed you so much! Mom really wanted to see you. Now you’re here. Mom is going to get a lot of cool things for you, you know?”, Fernanda still comments. “Buy everything, right?”, adds Marcelo, who is still a fan. “Mom is going to get a lot more. We’re going to get it together!”

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