PC MG competition: find out the expected salaries and benefits

  • delegate: 54 vacancies;
  • researcher: 165 vacancies;
  • criminal expert: 26 vacancies; It is
  • coroner: ten vacancies.

In addition to the number of opportunities foreseen, the PC MG competition draws attention to the salaries and benefits of the successful candidate.

The positions of clerk and investigator have starting salaries of R$5,097.13. At the end of the career, the employee’s salary may reach R$9,719.70.

The positions of coroner and criminal expert also have the same salaries. Those approved in these two specialties will begin their career with R$11,037.15. In the special class, the value may reach R$15,138.47.

Those approved in the PC MG competition for the position of delegate will begin their career with a salary of R$14,271.95. In the special class, the value may reach R$21,582.76.

Benefits of those approved in the PC MG competition

In addition to the initial salaries indicated above, civil police officers in Minas Gerais are also entitled to several benefits.

One of them is clothing assistance, as indicated in Delegated Law nº 37/89.

According to the law, payment of the benefit is made in four annual installments, corresponding to 40% of the salary.

Those approved in the PC MG competition are still entitled to the additional performance benefit (ADE), which is provided for in Law 14,693/2003.

According to the legislation, the value of the ADE increases progressively according to the evolution of the number of Individual Performance Assessments (ADIs) or Special Performance Assessments (AEDs). See the table below:


Additional Performance Table

(Photo: Disclosure)

Complementary Law No. 129/2013 (Civil Police Organic Law) also highlights several other benefits, such as:

  • cost assistance, in case of ex officio removal or assignment to service or study that results in a change of domicile
  • daily rates, in accordance with decree
  • personal transportation and that of dependents, in case of ex officio removal
  • bonus for course fees or competition
  • funeral assistance
  • transfer or removal when injured, injured or killed on duty
  • productivity award
  • thirteen first salary
  • additional vacation
  • contagion bonus for those occupying the position of coroner or autopsy assistant
  • insurance compensation for a civil police officer who is the victim of an accident on duty that results in retirement due to disability or death
  • birth aid for the birth of a child or adoption.

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PC MG competition is expected to offer 255 vacancies in 2024

(Photo: Marco Evangelista/Imprensa MG)

PC MG contest summary

  • Agency: Civil Police of Minas Gerais
  • Current status: authorized
  • Banking: to be defined
  • Positions: delegate, investigator, expert and coroner
  • Education: higher
  • Vacancies: 255
  • Remuneration: up to R$14,271.95

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Last notice was issued in 2021

Organized by Fumar, the 2021 PC MG competition offered 519 vacancies for the careers of police chief (62), investigator (30), clerk (397), coroner (9) and criminal expert (21).

At the time, candidates were evaluated through the following phases:

  • Objective evidence;
  • Dissertation test (delegate);
  • Oral test (delegate);
  • Biomedical and Biophysical Exams;
  • Psychological Assessment;
  • Proof of titles; It is
  • Social Research.

According to data from the organizing committee, the PC MG contest registered 113,872 entrants. The clerk career was the specialty that had the highest number of approved applications, with 48,653 registered. The investigator career registered 25,760 applications.

For the objective test, the PC MG competition required knowledge in the following areas:


  • Portuguese language (10);
  • Organic Law of the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (10);
  • Notions of Law (10);
  • Human Rights(10);
  • Understanding Computer Science(10);
  • Notions of Criminology (5);
  • Notions of Legal Medicine (5).


  • Portuguese language (10);
  • Organic Law of the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (10);
  • Notions of Law (10);
  • Human Rights (10);
  • Computer skills (10);
  • Notions of Criminology (5);
  • Notions of Legal Medicine (5).


  • Administrative Law (10);
  • Civil Law (10);
  • Constitutional Law (10);
  • Criminal Law (10);
  • Criminal Procedural Law (10);
  • Human Rights (5);
  • Forensic Medicine (10); It is
  • Notions of Criminology (5).

LEGIST doctor

  • Portuguese language (10);
  • Human Rights (10);
  • Forensic Medicine (10);
  • Forensic Toxicology (10);
  • Pathology (10);
  • Forensic Psychiatry (10).

Criminal Expert (General Area: 60 questions)

  • Physics (10);
  • Mathematics (10);
  • Portuguese language (10);
  • Human Rights (10);
  • Computer skills (10);
  • Biology (10).

Criminal Expert (Civil Engineering, Geological Engineering/Geology and Veterinary Medicine: 60 questions)

  • Specific Knowledge (10);
  • Physics (10);
  • Mathematics (10);
  • Portuguese language (10);
  • Human Rights (10);
  • Computer skills (5); It is
  • Biology (5).

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