Yellow alert for storms, intense rain and wind in parts of Rio Grande do Sul

Yellow alert for storms, intense rain and wind in parts of Rio Grande do Sul
Yellow alert for storms, intense rain and wind in parts of Rio Grande do Sul
Yellow alert for storms, intense rain and wind in parts of Rio Grande do Sul – Source: INMET

The National Institute of Meteorology issued yellow alert for storms this Wednesday (03) until 10:00 am on Thursday (04), the potential risks of this alert are: rain between 20 and 30 mm/h or up to 50 mm/day, intense winds between 40 and 60 km/h hail fall.

South region

– Rio Grande do Sul: Aceguá, Alegrete, Arroio Grande, Bagé, Barra do Quaraí, Caçapava do Sul, Cacequi, Candiota, Canguçu, Capão do Leão, Cerrito, Chuí, Dom Pedrito, Herval, Hulha Negra, Itaqui, Jaguarão, Lavras do Sul, Manoel Viana, Morro Redondo, Pedras Altas, Pedro Osório, Pelotas, Pinheiro Machado, Piratini, Quaraí, Rio Grande, Rosário do Sul, Santa Margarida do Sul, Santana da Boa Vista, Sant”Ana do Livramento, Santa Vitória do Palmar, São Gabriel, São José do Norte and Uruguaiana

Color classification of INMET alerts

Yellow Alert – Potential Danger: potentially dangerous meteorological situation. Be careful when carrying out activities subject to meteorological risks. Stay informed about forecast weather conditions and don’t take unnecessary risks.

Orange Alert – Danger: dangerous meteorological situation. Stay very vigilant and check the forecast weather conditions regularly. Find out about any risks that may be unavoidable. Follow the advice of the authorities.

Red alert – Great Danger: meteorological situation of great danger. Meteorological phenomena of exceptional intensity are predicted. High probability of major damage and accidents occurring, with risks to physical integrity or even human life. Stay informed about forecast weather conditions and possible risks. Follow instructions and advice from authorities in all circumstances and prepare for emergency measures.

Videos from the region
Check out some videos recorded by Clima ao Vivo cameras in the region:

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