Bank is fined by Procon for delay in serving the public in AM

Bank is fined by Procon for delay in serving the public in AM
Bank is fined by Procon for delay in serving the public in AM

According to inspection agents, customers waited for service for more than an hour

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The Amazonas Consumer Protection Institute (Procon-AM) fined the Caixa Econômica Federal bank, in the municipality of Borba (151 kilometers from Manaus), for delays in serving the public. The case was registered this Tuesday (3).

According to the inspection team, customers waited more than an hour in line to receive service, which violates State Law 5,867/2022 (Queuing Law), which determines that the waiting time at bank and correspondent branches , credit establishments and lottery outlets, cannot be longer than 30 minutes on normal days.

“We are carrying out a series of inspections in the interior of the state and, in Borba, we identified this situation. Customers were waiting at least an hour to receive service, and the Queuing Law stipulates specific deadlines for each situation. The agency was fined and may be fined for non-compliance with the Law”, explained the CEO of Procon-AM, Jalil Fraxe.

In bank branches and similar, according to the Law, the waiting time must be 30 minutes on normal days; 40 minutes on the eve and after long holidays; and 50 minutes on paydays for municipal public servants, due to the complexity of services provided in these establishments.

Task force

Also according to the organization’s director-president, in March, Procon-AM started a task force to investigate consumer complaints in seven municipalities in the Madeira River region. Inspections have already taken place in the cities of Humaitá, Manicoré, Novo Aripuanã and now in Borba. The next municipalities to be served are Nova Olinda do Norte and Urucurituba.

The purpose of the actions is, mainly, to combat consumer irregularities in establishments such as banks, supermarkets and gas stations, and also to guide the population about their rights, promoting citizenship in these locations.

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Procon-AM fines bank branch for irregularities in AM service

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