Firefighters intensify training for incidents during the rainy season | Latest:

Firefighters rescue building after collapse (Photo: Firefighters)

Pernambuco firefighters intensify training for action during the rainy season in the state.

Training began on Monday (2) and will continue until April 16.

The work follows a specific schedule in each location.

With this, the corporation intends to improve the skills and techniques of the troops, ensuring that they are ready for emergency situations that may occur during this period.

Most of the training takes place at the Rescue Firefighters Group (GBS), in Abreu e Lima, in Greater Recife.

The space has the structure to receive simulations of real occurrences of collapsed structures, such as building collapses and barrier slides.

Firefighters are training for winter events (Photo: Firefighters)

Instructions for flooded areas will be in charge of the Marine Fire Brigade (Gbmar), with the use of various materials used in water rescues, including the Inflatable Rescue Boat (BIS), used in various incidents, such as, for example, rescue of stranded people.

The General Command Headquarters hosts the instructions for the military personnel who will be employed at the command post, which is a facility used in the Incident Command System (SCI), to coordinate operations, making all important decisions and also the management of resources during an incident.


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