Rio presents stable trend regarding dengue | Rio de Janeiro

Rio presents stable trend regarding dengue | Rio de Janeiro
Rio presents stable trend regarding dengue | Rio de Janeiro
Ministry of Health released data relating to the 13th epidemiological week of dengue this Tuesday (2)reproduction

Published 02/04/2024 17:52

Rio – The State of Rio, which continues with the dengue epidemic decree, is one of the regions of the country with a stable trend towards the disease. The information was released this Tuesday afternoon (2) by the Ministry of Health. According to the agency, new doses of the vaccine against the virus should arrive in the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro by the end of the week.

Epidemiologist Ethel Maciel, Secretary of Health and Environmental Surveillance at the Ministry of Health, said that monitoring will continue and that in the coming weeks the scenario of states that are trending toward stability, which includes Rio, may change, leading to to the region’s entry into the group predicted to fall. In addition to Rio, 11 other states are stable.

“We will wait at least a week to see if this scenario will be defined. These 12, some point to a drop, even a large part. Even though the worst has passed and may even not be over. There will still be cases happening. We need to maintain our actions. Maintain this tension still. We wanted to draw attention because it is a moment of downward trends and stability, when the peak of the epidemic has passed, but a moment that still requires attention. We need fathers, mothers and guardians to take the children and adolescents for vaccination. It is a moment of monitoring. We continue to monitor everything that is happening”, he explained.

As of this Tuesday (2), the State of Rio recorded 76 deaths due to dengue. There are 179,084 probable cases being investigated and 4,981 hospitalizations.

Last Friday (29), the State Department of Health (SES) reported that the epidemic decree in the state remains in place. The agency highlighted that it continues to monitor the rate of dengue cases in the 92 cities and, despite projections showing a downward trend, the epidemiological parameters evaluated daily by technicians from the SES Health Intelligence Center still indicate a large number of cases and a rate of incidence above a thousand cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in most municipalities.

Sending new doses of the vaccine

The Ministry of Health reported that the logistics have already begun to send new doses of the vaccine to states and municipalities that are carrying out immunization against dengue. The Municipal Health Department (SMS) of Rio said, this Monday (1st), that the stock available in the municipality is only good until next Saturday (6th).

The first city to end the epidemic decree, due to the reduction in the number of cases and improvement in the disease situation, Rio has already administered, since the start of vaccination on February 23, 106,227 doses to children aged 10 to 14 years. However, the continuation of immunization may be threatened, as all 30 doses of the batch that expires on April 30 have been used. This year alone, 83,562 cases of the disease were recorded in the city and seven deaths.

According to Éder Gatti, director of the Department of the National Immunization Program (DPNI), more than 900,000 doses were received and they will be passed on to the country’s states and municipalities this week. It is expected that all regions will receive the lots by the end of the week.

“The logistical process is done in stages. The vaccine leaves the logistics center in Guarulhos and is distributed to the state centers. Depending on the size of the state, they go to the regional centers to then reach the municipalities, which will then be distributed to the health units. This logistical process is very variable from place to place. We have already started this distribution by the Ministry of Health. Throughout the week, it will happen and arrive at varying times in the different regions. We hope that by the By the end of this week, all states have received it. I can’t specify when in each municipality or each health unit it will arrive, but we have already given the command and the logistical process is already happening”, he explained.


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