Three people are reported missing in the capital of Amazonas

Three people are reported missing in the capital of Amazonas
Three people are reported missing in the capital of Amazonas

Andreia Monteiro Protázio, 48 years old; Marilene de Oliveira Costa, aged 46, and Matheus da Silva Almeida, aged 21, disappeared on different dates and locations in Manaus. The disappearances were registered at the Specialized Police Station for Political and Social Order (Deops).

Andreia disappeared on Thursday (28/03), when she was last seen in the Cidade Nova neighborhood, north of Manaus.

Marilene has been missing since Friday (29/03). She was seen leaving her workplace, on Rua Praia de Itaíba, Tarumã neighborhood, West zone of the capital.

Matheus also disappeared on Friday, (29/03), after leaving the house where he lives, on Rua Agrestina, Gilberto Mestrinho neighborhood, East zone of Manaus.


The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM) highlights that the support of the population, through the sharing of images of missing people, mainly through social networks, is essential to locate them and bring them back to family life.

In cases of disappearances, there is no need to wait 24 hours to register the incident. It is necessary to look for any police station and report the last place the person was seen, their physical characteristics, as well as an updated photo.

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The Civil Police asks anyone who has information about the location of the missing people to contact Deops at (92) 3667-7713; or 181, from the Amazonas Public Security Secretariat (SSP-AM).

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