Minas Gerais Agency | State executive is a pioneer in offering the GOV.BR In-person service in call centers

Minas Gerais Agency | State executive is a pioneer in offering the GOV.BR In-person service in call centers
Minas Gerais Agency | State executive is a pioneer in offering the GOV.BR In-person service in call centers

Minas Gerais was the first State in the country to offer, in partnership with the Federal Government, the GOV.BR In-Person service in all its call centers, to help citizens create an account or recover a password to access the GOV.BR platform. This login is necessary to use various public services safely. The project is available in the 42 Integrated Service Units (UAIs), coordinated by the State Secretariat for Planning and Management (Seplag-MG).

In the last year alone, the UAIs carried out 78,791 thousand consultations to recover passwords to access the GOV.BR platform, which brings together various public services. The citizen’s virtual identification is necessary to access digital documents, such as the National Identification Card (CIN), National Driving License (CNH), or to request unemployment insurance, provide proof of life, among other functions.

“These numbers demonstrate the population’s demand for access to public services. At UAIs, citizens can count on this help to resolve problems accessing their GOV.BR account and also to request digital public services in a safe and reliable way”, explains the superintendent of the Seplag-MG Citizen Service Center, Izabela Rodrigues.

In addition to seeking to resolve problems accessing the GOV.BR account, the initiative aims to help the population request digital public services, so that they can also develop skills and digital autonomy. To use the GOV.BR In-Person service at UAIs, no appointment is necessary.

In addition to the UAIs in Minas Gerais, GOV.BR In-person will also be available in other states: in the cities of Lages (Balcão do Cidadão), Niterói (Plataforma Urbana Digital da Engenhoca) and Teresina (Espaço da Cidadania Grand Dirceu).

GOV.BR Network

Last week, Seplag-MG participated in the Rede GOV.BR meeting, held by the Ministry of Management and Innovation (MGI) in a virtual format. The event was attended by states and municipalities, with the aim of integrating Network members to reinforce federal collaboration in digital government, align actions planned for 2024 and share experiences in digital public services.

On the occasion, the Undersecretary of Digital Transformation and Citizen Service at Seplag-MG, Rodrigo Diniz, presented the experience of GOV.BR’s in-person service in Minas.

“In addition to sharing the work that the Government of Minas is carrying out in person at the UAIs, we had the opportunity to present the experiences of the pilot process of using GOV.Br at self-service terminals. The Network is an excellent space for exchanging experiences that provide the evolution of digital services”, said the undersecretary.

Currently, the Federal Government, 27 states and around 900 municipalities are part of the Network.


Minas Gerais currently has 42 UAIs spread across all regions of the state. There, citizens can perform more than 250 public services from different municipal, state and federal bodies.

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