Commission approves double fine for corruption convict


The Senate Public Security Committee approved a project that determines the imposition of double fines for public agents convicted of embezzlement, passive corruption or concussion. The penalty must be twice the amount of the deviation or undue advantage.

Current legislation provides that fines must be calculated by the judge. According to the rapporteur, senator Soraya Thronicke (Podemos-MS), they are limited to R$7.1 million, which would be insufficient to curb crime, according to the parliamentarian.

The project goes to the Constitution and Justice Committee.

Crimes committed on nights out

Another item on the agenda, which aggravates the penalty for crimes committed during temporary prison releases, by those under house arrest or escaping from the prison system, was postponed at the request of the rapporteur, senator Espiridião Amin (PP-SC). President Lula has until next week to veto or sanction a proposal approved by the Chamber of Deputies that puts an end to these outings for prisoners on holidays and commemorative dates, keeping them only for those who attend professional courses or study in secondary and higher education and do not have been convicted of heinous crimes.

The rapporteur’s understanding is that this proposal being analyzed by the committee may change depending on the president’s sanction or veto. The presidential analysis can take place until April 11th.

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