Left-wing protesters attack PL federal deputy’s office in Fortaleza

Left-wing protesters attack PL federal deputy’s office in Fortaleza
Left-wing protesters attack PL federal deputy’s office in Fortaleza

The office of federal deputy André Fernandes (PL-CE) was the target of vandalism.| Photo: Reproduction/Social media

Federal deputy André Fernandes (PL-CE), pre-candidate for mayor of Fortaleza, reported this Monday (1st), that “a group of criminals” vandalized his office in the capital of Ceará, with graffiti, in addition to setting fire on a doll with his face. The vandalism scene was recorded by security cameras.

“In the early hours of today (01/04) a group of criminals went to my parliamentary office in Fortaleza to vandalize the walls with graffiti and set fire to a doll with my face in a clear threat! From the videos from the security cameras and From the images posted on social media, we can already see that these are movements linked to the PT”, wrote the parliamentarian on social media.

In the video, released by the deputy from Ceará, a group of around 20 people appears spray painting the walls and banners of the place in red with the word “coupster”. They also shouted “no amnesty”. Those responsible for the act were covering their faces and wearing shirts from the Popular Uprising and the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST).

According to Fernandes, the Federal Police will be called to investigate the case and punish those involved. “I contacted the Federal Public Ministry, the Federal Police, the Security Secretariat and the National Congress. These criminals cannot go unpunished”, said the parliamentarian.

The acts of vandalism were promoted by the left-wing groups, ‘Levante da Juventude’ and ‘Levante Ceará’. Both claimed responsibility for the attacks by linking the deputy, a supporter of former president Jair Bolsonaro, to the events on January 8, 2023, in Brasília.

“The youth movement carried out protests this Monday morning, the date that marks 60 years since the military coup in the country, in front of the homes of politicians and far-right figures who organized a coup attempt on January 8, 2023” , says the “Youth Uprising” page.

The case gained enormous repercussion among parliamentarians and is just one of the “snares” that were carried out against other right-wing deputies in the country’s capitals.

“Relative democracy? The office of federal deputy André Fernandes was brutally vandalized this morning by leftist militants. Unacceptable! All my solidarity with the deputy @andrefernmwhich has already taken all measures to ensure that criminals are identified and punished”, wrote deputy Marcel van Hattem (Novo-RS).

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