Gustavo Nunes meets with the PL leadership in Minas to settle the re-election dispute


April 2, 2024 | 8 o’clock

Gustavo Nunes meets with the PL leadership in Minas to settle the re-election dispute

Meeting between leaders sealed PL’s support for Gustavo Nunes’ re-election dispute in Ipatinga

The state president of the Liberal Party (PL) in Minas Gerais, federal deputy Domingos Sávio received on Monday afternoon (1), the PL leadership in Ipatinga and the mayor Gustavo Nunes, as well as the councilor and president of the Chamber, Ley do Traffic. The objective was to align the movement around the current mayor’s pre-candidacy for re-election, in the election on October 5th.

According to a note published by the PL state directory, “the meeting marked the union of the strength of the right in Ipatinga”.

Domingos Sávio highlighted that the concern of former president Bolsonaro and the national president of the PL, Valdemar Costa Neto, is that the party can unite the center right and the right in defense of the interests of the municipalities, with important and reference cities as a priority, such as Ipatinga.

Union of forces

Taking into consideration the future of Minas and Brazil, the deputy reported that the desire is for a union of forces to occur in favor of the city. “At this time we have to put the future of Ipatinga first, we cannot allow vanities or personal interests to speak louder. Those leaders who know the risk of handing over the municipality to a left-wing government need to be united. Minas Gerais and Ipatinga have already suffered a lot from disastrous PT management, and it is our duty to be together to guarantee a better future for Ipatinga”, stated the president of the party in Minas Gerais.

Loyalty and affiliation

Mayor Gustavo Nunes reiterated that just as he was alongside President Bolsonaro in 2018 and 2022, he is aware that, united, those who preach the principles that are today the PL’s flags – the defense of the homeland, family and freedom – Ipatinga will be well represented, and that, therefore, it is open to the construction of understanding.

It is likely that local PL leaders will make the official announcement of Gustavo Nunes’ affiliation by the end of this week, concluding the process at the party’s regional meeting, which will be held next Saturday at Ipaminas Esporte Clube.

At this event, the PL pre-candidates in the cities of Vale do Aço will be presented to City Halls and Municipal Chambers. The membership deadline for pre-candidates is next Saturday (6).

There is a possibility that the party’s main national leaders will come to Ipatinga in the first half of the year, to express support for Gustavo Nunes.

Thinking about 2026

At the end of the meeting, Domingos Sávio made an appeal for an effort from conservative, right-wing leaders and those who want the good of Ipatinga, Minas and Brazil so that together they can guarantee a better future, which will undoubtedly be important now and with repercussions for 2026.

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